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200 ton boat captain

Vessel Operations

To HR    Department

 200Capt. / mate / boson’s mate A/B unlimited Rodrick Purves

While Aboard the USNS Tag vessels Pathfinder, Hessen, Sumner, John McDonnell I served as ABW helmsman of DP ships unlimited tonnage docking, undocking, anchoring, DP operations for many years and was noted as one of their better helmsmen.

Seeking a position to reactivate my DP certification.

Served as Master on board

Pacific Star 263 gross tons Artic Hydro surveying operations north of 72 deg’s attitude

Icelander 199 gross ton Washington State, Inland Passage and Alaskan waters

Lisa Marie 120 Gross ton Washington State, Inland Passage and Alaskan waters

Entertainer 99 gross tons California coastal waters

155 ton crew boats Louisiana Gulf coast

40 ton Florida Keys and waters to include Key West to Jacksonville FL Owner operator

20 ton Compass Rose Oregon coast owner Operator

150 ton Sea Strength Trinidad Sebago waters Gig supply tender 

I have recently upgraded my Masters Ticket 200 ton, seeking to soon upgrade 1600 ton, I am an dedicated individual to serve and learn all companies polices and standards my personal goal is  to learn and obtain my 1600 all oceans this year. I am service minded, while seeking to work well with others I am well familiar with ship board chain of command. While understanding the strain of hard work and, service to the company in which I serve in order to benefit from such service. As a professional sailor I enjoy travel, while meeting new people and cultures. I have worked well alongside people from many nationalities. being safety minded and well trained both in education and in the field OJT. While being experienced in paperwork needed and ship board reporting and daily reports. Such as internet reporting of logistics and situational data.

Operational experience of 15+ years  

 Thank you I hope you will find me qualified to serve your company.

  • 200 ton Master 20 years by 2016
  • 200 masters
    Maritime at Clatsup Community
    2011 - 2014
  • Tankerman Dec 2014
  • GMDSS Dec 2014
  • TWIC Dec 2014
  • A/B unlimited Lifeboat Dec 2014
  • MMD 200 NC Dec 2014
  • Unlimited Radar Dec 2014
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