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20+ year maritime/government Management SME - USCG CDR

Corporate / Senior Management

8860 Classic Lakes Way, Nokesville, VA 20181 | 202-341-1560 | t****

  • Strong manager with 25 years’ experience in intelligence, cyber, law enforcement, emergency management, maritime security and anti-terrorism providing optimal leadership to ensure efficient and competent oversight and management of operations and business plans.

MS Strategic intelligence – international relations | AMU | Jan 2012

  • National Honor Society in International Relations
  • Related professional experience: Port Security Intelligence and Middle Eastern Culture

MS Homeland Security | AMU | Jan 2013

  • Major: Criminal Justice and Homeland Security – Emergency Management
  • Related professional experience: Master Exercise Practitioner – ISO Lead Auditor

Graduate Certificate – Enterprise Architecture Using DoDAF CEA Black Belt – Univ of VA – 2017

TSI/SCI w/polygraph





  • Proven Manager.  Responsible for the development of a 50-member International Port Security Program; developed SOPs, managed training development, and overseen a 6M budget for unit with locations in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.
  • Managed two year, 35 member United States Coast Guard criminal investigation to determine terrorist nexus from Marchant Mariners; completely amended licensing SOPs for the USCG.  Investigation resulted in 15 DOJ prosecutions.
  • Managed an eight-year International Port Security Program Training Program; delivered 150 workshops seeking and receiving over 30M in program funds resulting in an improved, secure Global Maritime Transportation System.
  • Accomplished PMP® certified Organizational Development and Business Process Improvement Project Management professional with 10 years of experience in supporting DHS (CBP/USCG).  Expertise in the management, design and implementation of policies and procedures relating to organizational development.  Experience in facilitation and implementation of appropriate change management initiatives associated with organizational transition activities. Supports the goal of establishing the human capital of the organization as a critical component in accomplishing business goals.  Familiar with a variety of Organizational Development concepts, practices, and procedures. Implementation and full systems development life-cycle (SDLC) management of major information technology investments.  Management of technical and functional personnel, development and maintenance of contract project performance management plans, tracking of resource allocation/usage, cost planning, and budgeting.  Applied best practices to support the development of Standard Operating Procedures, Alternatives Analyses, Gap Analyses, Business Case Analyses, Employee and Stakeholder training initiatives, and other supporting documentation. Business process modeling experience includes the development of business and information flow diagrams and operating models used to define, understand, and improve business processes.  Experienced in simultaneously managing multiple projects and teams while maintaining superior quality.

  • Routinely communicated as U.S. Head of Delegation to Heads of Foreign States, Ambassadors, and senior level managers of ports regarding International Ship and Port Facility Security Code compliance in countries the U.S. trades with.  Developed remedial Capacity Building to bring countries into compliance.
  • Routinely addressed foreign workgroups at the request of the Dept of State; including addressing the Counter Terrorism Task Force (CTTF) in Japan, Thailand, and China.
  • Academic instructor for three universities; recognized SME for Maritime Security by APEC, OAS, IMO, and ASEAN; served as SME instructor remaining on Expert Instructor Rooster.
  • Reserve O-5 (USCG).  Leads a division of 8 GS14s, LCDR’s, and senior enlisted personnel in the Office of International Affairs. 
  • Chief for Port State Control (PSC) in Cleveland, Miami, and Seattle; developed SOPs for enforcement of U.S. Code.
  • Chief Duty Officer for USCG Captain of the Port in New York, Miami, Detroit, and LA Long Beach. 
  • Served as U.S. International Port Security Program HOD (senior U.S. Rep) for 14 years.
  • Recognized Federal On-Scene Coordinator for ICS response for both organic and inorganic events.
  • Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Train-the-Trainer assigned to Singapore delivering over 250 port security, terrorism, intelligence, and IT Risk Management Workshops to foreign maritime and government stakeholders under the United Nations International Maritime Organization Scheme.

Professional Positions

supervisory Intelligence Analyst | dhs-CBP | Jan 2017 - present

  •  Assist the Field Office Director in representing BP in meetings with Canadian Immigration Partners, the Department of State, other Department of Homeland Security components (work in liaison with Immigration and Custom Enforcement, congressional representatives, and/or community-based and international organizations to ensure impartial and whole of BP/USCIS mission goals and directives.
  • Produced complex multi-source intelligence products derived from intelligence data collection, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation.  Perform analysis of program needs and assist in developing standard operating procedures and policies.
  • Screen, research, analyze, and interpret all-source intelligence information, including Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT), regional analysis, and political analysis, for classified area of responsibility in order to produce detailed written analytical products.
  • Identify information gaps and potential threats by evaluating relevance and accuracy of gathered information using various analytical methodologies and intelligence database systems.
  • Disseminate warning and threat analysis and brief executive and senior management on actionable intelligence contingencies on a daily basis.
  • Supervise full cycle production of cyber threat assessments and produced weekly reports in the Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Product Dictionary.  Supervise a staff of 10 intelligence analysts.
  • Administered dissemination of intelligence products to inter-agency analysts, including National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security.
  • Conducted targeted all-source intelligence analysis to support approximately 2,500 DOD and Federal civilian intelligence employees

International Port security program - USCG - Division Chief | dhs-uscg | June 2004 – jan 2017

  • As founding senior manager of initial team carrying out Congressional Mandate for assessment program, created policies, SOPs, evaluation criteria, forms, resources, checklists, report templates and guidance documents to promote comprehensive, standardized and high impact activities.  Continue to refine and adapt to emerging information and best practices.  Developed and successfully managed $16M budget through 08/2006 until hiring of designated Budget Officer.
  • Supervised Country Visit Teams as Head of Delegation conducting comprehensive maritime and port security audits and assessments, and anti-terrorism and security capacity building training and support for 164 countries in Africa, Middle East, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. 
  • Serve as USGOV HOD to Maritime Experts Group (APEC) and the IMO Maritime Security Division.
  • Continually evaluated program performance, measuring outcomes in terms of improved capacity and compliance to International Maritime Organization (IMO) International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and International Labor Organization (ILO) Code of Practice for Port Security.  Apply findings to design and implement improvements to assessment techniques, guidance resources, and training programs.  Maintain environment of continuous improvement and dynamic change to proactively address emerging threats, terrorist techniques and capabilities.  
  • Routinely assigned to areas of hazard and conflict to establish first U.S. assessments to countries developing governance and economy resulting from periods of war; first HOD of U.S. team to visit Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Cuba, Liberia, and Syria.
  • Responsible for developing interagency sharing of resources between the National Guard Bureau, DTRA, DOD, and private port and facility stakeholders.

united states coast guard – reserve/active duty | june 1999 - present

  • Served as an Active Duty and Reserve Officer in various USCG assignments including:
    • Commander (O-5) in the Office of International Affairs – responsible for a staff of 10 members facilitating the USCG International Strategy including terrorism, narcotics, search and rescue, and law enforcement.
    • Deputy District Intelligence Officer – Cleveland and Seattle – responsible for all intelligence analysis and production.
    • Deployable Operations Group – responsible for response and deployment as a senior response and exercise planner including deployments to Haiti, Deepwater Horizon, and Hurricane Katrina.
    • Port State Control Officer for Miami and Seattle.
    • Capitan of the Port Prevention Head in New York, LA Long Beach, and Detroit.  Overseen Cruise Ship Security and Port Facility Security under the MTSA.

genesee county sheriff department lieutenant | feb 1991 – feb 2008 – full retirement

  • Served as division chief of a 35 member certified police/paramedic division providing service to a major metropolitan area (Flint MI); duties included investigator, EMS State Board Rep, road patrol supervisor, and court officer.
  • Served as training coordinator instructing police techniques, interviewing, assessments, and EMS.
  • Attended FBI training for Law Enforcement in Quantico, VA.  
  • Served as Emergency Management Chief organizing and executing over 75 Full-function Drill and Exercises.


  • Serve as Adjunct Faculty for Baker College – instruct Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.
  • Serve as Adjunct Faculty for National University – instruct Homeland Security Courses to Grad and Undergrad Students.
  • Serve as Adjunct Faculty for American Military University – instruct Intelligence and Criminal Justice
  • Serve as an Instructor in Maritime Risk Reduction, Exercise Plan and Response, Assessments, facility and ship security for the IMO, ASEA, OAS, and APEC.
  • Developed and implemented IMO and APEC Port Security Drill and Exercise and Auditor Courses for facility and ship PFSOs and SSOs.
  • Doctorate Student - World Maritime University - Malmo - Sweden

Nokesville, VA,
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