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1st class motorman


To keep the watch. To take part in maintnenance. Repairs. Overhauls.


I have experience of work in position of motorman. It cosists of three contacts. During first contract I performed my duties as watchkeeping motorman on dredger "Genichesk"(DWT 745 Tons M.E. - S.K.L 36) from 17.03.03 till 1.04.2004. Ship's Owner - CHERAZMORPUT. Odessa, Ukraine. During second contract I performed my duties as motorman in repair brigade From 26.05.2005 till 05.08.05 Ship's name - BLUE STAR, type- General cargo, DWT - 7923 tons,M.E.-M.A.N, Ship's owner Novstar Shipping and marine services, L.L.C. Dubai, U.A.E. During third contract I perforned my duties as watchkeeping motorman on Bulk Currier ANDROMEDA (DWT -8910 tons M.E. -M.A.N.) from 28.11.05 till 18.06.2006. Ship's owner Sea Observer Shipping services S.A. Piraeus, Greece.


In 2002 I finished two years of studying in Odessa's National Maritime Academy, where I recieved profession of 2nd class motorman. In 2004 I graduated Odessa's Professional College of Maritime Transport. There I improved qualification in trade of 1st class motorman


Qualified motorman certificate and endorsement N00637/2006/08 Issued on 21.09.2006. Valid till 19.09.2011. Issued at Odessa's Port. Function: Marine Engineering. Level: support. Capacity: Rating forming part a watch in a manned engine room or designated to perform duties in a periodically unmanned engine room First class motorman.

Also I am sertified by Seafarers training and certification centre of Odessa where I nave successfully completed such courses as:

1. Basic Safety Training and Instruction (A-VI/1-1,A-VI/1-2,A-VI/1-3,A-VI/1-4)

2. Profiency in Survival craft and rescue boats (A-VI/2 p. 1-4)

3. Advanced fire fighting (A-VI/3)

4. Tanker familiarization (A-VI/1 p. 2-7)

5. Training for personnel serving on Ro-Ro pessenger ships (A-VI/2 p. 1-5)



I have no limitation by endorsement to Qualified motorman certificate. I may serve on different kind of vessels.

Odessa, Ukraine,
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