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Assistant Life Support Technician

CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland

To provide the necessary services required of the ALST position and acquire my necessary hours so as to be able to sit the IMCA Life Support Technicians Exam. (Need approx. 900 hours). Most recently as an ALST. Have worked as a mixed gas bell diver 8 years and hyperbaric welder diver 2 years.


Houston, TX, USA

I want to pursue more work experience as a ALST so I can take my IMCA Exam to become a LST. • ALST - Handle and prepare food for SAT Divers. Change Sodasorb for scrubbers in bell, reclaim system, and life systems. Experience with operating food/medical locks.

Assistant Life support

Dublin, Ireland

I am a recently qualified assistant life support technician ( IMCA ).I have BOSIET (with HUET) and full UKOOA Medical. I would like to be considered for the position of Dive Tender or for ALST. I intend to complete further training as soon as…

Life Support Technician

Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

Experienced IMCA Life Support Technician. Self-motivated, diligent with aspirations and perfect team player ready to gain and share knowledge with multi-national diving personels. Methodical and practical approach to solving technical problems. Calm and proficient in emergency situations .

Assistant Life Support Technician

Muang Phuket, Thailand

Recently qualified ALST (IMCA) and BOISET (OPITO) with a Strong background in medicine through service within the regular and reserve Canadian Armed Forces is seeking to work within the offshore oil industry. I am a true team player with a constant…

Qualified IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician.

Delhi, India

To provide the necessary services required of the ALST position and acquire my necessary hours so as to be able to sit the IMCA Life Support Technicians Exam. (Need approx. 200 days). Most recently as an ALST. >Have worked with Global Offshore LLC for 10 days and was there till demobilization…

Assistant Life Support Technician

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Objective Work as an ALST/LST and project my ability to the fullest following Company guidelines Experience Rank FROM TO ALST 21.08.2009 02.10.2009 Global Offshore International Vessel SAMUDRA SEVAK MSV(ONGC) ALST 06.11.2009 18.12.2009 Global Offshore International

ALST(Assistant Life Support Technician)


TO WORK AS A ALST (Assistant Life Support Technician)Gain experience as an ALST onboard a DSV. Learn the trade from the bottom up, and prove to both myself and to my co-workers my hard work ethics.


Parkville, MD, USA

Penn State University- B.S.

Welder/Welder Helper

Folkston, GA, USA

I have 10 years experience in industrial,shipyard and offshore. I,m an x Commercial Diver and now a full time welder and i,m seeking a welder or Helper position. 2007-2010 General Electric= Welder & Fitter. Read and weld according to blue print specifications…

Assistant Life Support Technician

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

Recently qualified IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician. Self motivated, diligent with aspirations to become qualified Life Support Technician as soon as logged panel hours allows. Team player ready to learn from others. Over 25 years experience…


Broomall, PA, USA

My objective is to find gainful employment in the maritime industry. I would like to expand my current knowledge and experiences in industrial mechanics and shipwork. fulfilled mainenance contracts for several power plants and refineries for over ten (10) years.

Assistant Life Support Technician

Ban Chanhg, Thailand

i wish to achieve a position as an ALST to gain expierance and advance to LST. i have previously worked as a hyperbaric chamber assistant in phuket, thailand. i went to Deerpark in Cirencester, Gous. GCSE's in maths-english-applied science-science-art-craft DT-leisure.

Vessel Master - SAT/ROV Senior Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Operator

Palacios, TX, USA

Continue my profession as a vessel master on Saturation/ROV dive support vessels. 2006 - 2008 EPIC DIVERS & MARINE - Houma, LA. 2004 - 2006 OCEANEERING Intl. - Houma, LA. 1998 - 2006…

Certified Commercial Diver, Welding Insp.,Cert. Welder,Boat Operator

Diamondhead, MS, USA

To work for a safety driven company and to help update that performance. 20 yrs plus in the marine industry stating with the Navy and progressing after that to the civilian sector. Assoc. Cert. Commercial Diver, Cert.Welding Insp.,Cert. Welder, Cert.

Salvage Master , Diver, Rigger, owns Commerical Dive company

Deltaville, VA, USA

Management position in maritime salvage operations. 1976-1979 Naval ROTC BUDS indoctrination course. 1979-1983 United States Marine Corp Duties: U.S. 1984-2002 Law enforcemnet U.S. Marshals Office Washington D.C. Richmond Bureau Of Police(Virginia)…

Offshore Diver

Huntington, NY, USA

Certified Offshore Diver with offshore and inland experience including inspection repair, maintenance, NDT, salvage and recovery. Carpenter/Painter experienced in marine services and residential construction. ? Responsibilities on these job sites were completed numerous dive jobs involving drilling…

Cook, Steward

Staten Island New York, NY, USA

My main goal is I would like to further my education,experiences through MSC. Gaining sea time which will enable me to sit for liscenceing exams to make third mate unlimited tonnage. Certications in Maritime Technology. I have deck, engine and…

Sat diver, cswip 3.2u, Air diving Supervisor, DMT.

Ibiza, Balearic Island, Spain

Construction Specialist. near future. I speak Spanish, English and Italian. Please find my CV attached for you to review. If you need any aditional information, please feel free to contact me. Client: Ibiza Buceo S.R.L.U. Notes: Installing pipelines and risers, Inspections,Demolition.

Asst. Life Support Technician

Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines

To seek a position as Assistant Life Support Technician, Diver Medic or any low key entry level position in the offshore marine contracting industry. KBA Training Centre Pte. Safety Induction; Helicopter Safety & Escape including Emergency Breathing System…