We are one of the leading importers and distributors of high-quality fuel in the Maldives. Starting as a family business, we have developed an extensive product portfolio through more than 13 years of experience in fuel supply. With exceptional attention to the needs of our clients, our excellent customer service, reliable ultimate satisfaction to our all esteeme clients across the nation.OUR EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, DELIVERY ON TIME & CERTIFIED PRODUCTS PROVIDE AN ULTIMATE SATISFACTION TO OUR ESTEEMED CLIENTS ACROSS THE MALDIVES.

FUEL SUPPLY We play a key role in directly importing and distributing petrol and diesel to any location in the Maldives. Our strong fleet with the latest .safety equipment and segregated tanks include 12 delivery barges from 15 to 300 cbm and 6 tankers with a capacity from 1000cbm to 10,500cbm.

BUNKERING SERVICES The Hawks pvt. ltd. is committed to serve their esteemed clients such as super and mega yachts, cruiser and navy vessels at any location in the Maldives. We are proud to offer our clients special bunker vessels to easily deliver fuel to crafts anchoring within the island nation and especially at Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Local fishing vessels, ferry boats, diving boats and safaris are always given a high priority in service. The bunkering service team provides fuel mainly to the domestic vessels anchoring in Male’, Hulhumale’ and close to the second fuel storage on Kamadhoo Island, Baa Atoll.

THE HAWKS FUEL TERMINAL We are an ambitious fuel supplier in the Maldives with a pioneering Fuel Terminal accommodating a total of 6 tanks on Thilafushi island. The new fuel terminal has a fuel capacity of 30 million liters at all times to meet the increasing demand of fuel in the island nation. 19 The Fuel Terminal is revolutionary for the company with the core business of fuel supply serving mainly the private sector such as touist resorts and safaris, local businesses, speed boats and fishing vessels in the Maldives. With the development of a jetty area directly connected to the fuel terminal, our clients have the flexibility to easily dock and receive fuel or to request the delivery with our own vessels to their resort, local island or construction project in any Atoll and to Exclusive Economic Zones. The new berth wharf of 60 meters features 8 fuel stations for diesel and 6 for petrol with a cargo loading / discharging rate of 15,000 tons in approximately 24 hours.

SPEED BOAT SERVICE We strengthen the national sea transportation with our own scheduled, on-demand and chartered speedboat transfers with a fleet of 4 gulf craft touring 36 vessels and 3 gulf craft touring 38 vessels The speed boats are available total of 177 seats for corporate rental, business travelers as well as individual traveler for a comfortable transfer between the islands. The speed boats can be rented from only one trip up to a year of service. Clients benefit from the long experience our boat captain and its crew and the fast service of The Hawks

Number of Employees
Founded in 2007
For general information about careers at: THE HAWKS PVT LTD contact
Work :T + 960 303 3900
H. Zoneriya, 7th floor, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male
male, 20057 Maldives


H. Zoneriya, 7th floor, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male
male, 20057 Maldives