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Ab or Os

MANILA, Taguig City, Philippines

Crane operator/Ab

Marine Operator/2nd mate/Crew coordinator/navigator

Manila, Philippines

To advance the field of industrial operation by sharing my experience and expertise thereby contributing to the succes of a refutable and Progressive company in line of Gas and Oil Industry. • Commissioning of fire fighting equipment/fire line test /Self contained breathing apparatus/compressors.

Able Seaman

Manila, Philippines

The AB reports directly to the Bosun.He shall also be able to take action independently when requires.He is a senior member of the deck crew and shall participate in all deck activities. He keep the ship in order. DRUG PRESENTATION CERTIFICATE on-board Norwegian Sea.

Able bodied seaman

MANILA, Philippines

To enhance my capacity, knowledge, ability in all aspect of maritime field. 2003 to 2006 Pacific Asia overseas Shipping Corp.


Manila, Philippines

• Skilled in performing a variety of duties involved in the maintenance, repair and operation of vessel; stand lookout and winch operation watches. • Skilled in maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance of the vessel. • Skilled in developing…

First Mate (Master Mariner Class 1)

Manila, Philippines

With thirteen years of accumulated sea service both shore-based and recent off-shore experience on a FPSO unit under Bergesen Worldwide Offshore, on various types of tankers and a brief stint on a passenger ship; wish to apply for a position that will suit my qualification and experience.

Third mate

Manila, Philippines

be a efficient deck officer in my duties and responsibility. Status maritime corp. Responsibilities: assist on bridge officer and master paper works and filling of documents. Status Maritime Corp. jan. Status maritime Corp. May 7,2005 to Feb.

Ordinary Seaman

Manila, Batangas, Philippines

To be a part of your company. And also to apply all my knowledge and abilities to the fullest to improve my whole being and gain more experience about the latest trends and technologies. My past company name is Hamburg Manila Shipping Corporation.


Manila, Philippines, Philippines

give changes for personal growth. To pursue a meaningful career with an organization that will utilize my skills, It’s potential and continually challenge my capabilities professionally and personally. GAYREN Maintenance Inc. Harbor Training Center Inc.


MANILA, CEBU, Philippines


Ordinary Seaman

Manila, Manila, Philippines

Seeking a responsible position that will utilize my diversified experience. Responsible for the controlling, monitoring of incoming and outgoing documents, such as shop drawings and other important documents in construction site. Monitoring of concrete pouring schedule.

Training Director or Managing Director, General Manager

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Manage and operate a Maritime Education and Training center,design and implement quality system, do research, develop customized courses, assess trainees, evaluate training programs,conduct simulator-based training, etc. Seafarer - William Lines Inc.

Marine Transportation

Manila, Manila, Philippines

PP Enterprises i Am Onboard M/V Voyageur a cargo Vesse4 as a aprentice with a period of 12months and after that i onboard in MANILA BUNKER INC.


MANILA, Philippines

Not only for experience and enhancement of the skills I have acquired through years of training in my field, but also for the application of knowledge which has been passed on for the betterment of my craft in the name of service. ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES LTD.

Vessel/Worksite Administrator

Manila, Philippines

Obtain a challenging management, administrative, or technical position as deemed suitable to my skills, knowledge, and technical experience gained from working in Oil and Gas industry. Wide experience in offshore oil/gas industry. Career starts…

deck boy/trainee.... OS w/o US visa

Manila, Philippines, Philippines

i would like to apply as a deck boy or any related jobs for ratings of deck department.... I borded M/V Premship-IX last June 11, 2003 & disembarked June 30,2004 as an APPRENTICE MATE but we really work as an OS & AB onboard... I can assure…

Electronics/Electrical Engineer

Manila, Philippines

To pursue a challenging and dynamic role in the field of electro-mechanical, electrical, electronics and communications engineering which will provide the best opportunity to further develop my skills, abilities and knowledge in a stable firm with a long term career growth possibilities.

NB Painting Supervisor

Manila, Philippines, Philippines

4 years work in China as NB Supervisor and i'm Recently working in Columbia Ship Management Ltd. as Painting Supervisor in New Century Shipbuilding LTD.

Deck cadet

Manila, Philippines, Philippines

To be a part of your company and enhanced my knowledge and skills by being one of your deck cadet , ordinary seaman or any other alternate jobs that your company offers. Im willing to be trained to maximize my potentials as an individual and as a employee. 996 Ocampo St. Adenip. Gma Network Inc.

Marine Cargo Surveyor

Manila, RP, Philippines

To be able to apply as well as to increase my knowledge and enhance my ability. Surveyor - O.I.C. Surveyor of Damage, Vessel Cargoes, a little bit knowledge in draft & bunker survey. Incharge in operation and posting of assignment. The best…