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Master Mariner, Operation Supervisor, Marine Supervisor, O.I.M., Marine Superintendent

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 124292
Location: Indonesia East Java Sidoarjo
Education: Masters Degree
Experience: 17 Years

To enhance the quality of employee in related with safety behavior also to achieve the Company goals as well as Company expectation.
Share personal knowledge where I get from over 15 Years working overseas and contribute to the company by proactive action coordinate with the other related workers.
Continuous improvements on interpersonal skill by continue learning and develop innovation to actualize the incoming good performance.

Work Experience
Name of Ship Type /GT Rank Period Reason Company
Ruby-II ( F.P.S.O.)
62’816 GT Operation Supervisor 23/08/2010
07/06/2011 Resigned VOFT (Vietnam Offshore FPSO Terminal) – (MISC & Petrovietnam)
Ruby Princess ( F.P.S.O.)
81’597 GT Operation Safety Supervisor 21/12/2006
02/07/2010 Mutation to New FPSO Petroleum Technical Services Company – Production Services (PetroVietnam)
MV. 8 Langsa Venture ( F.P.S.O.)
21’133 GT Operation Supervisor 24/03/2004
19/12/2006 Finish Contract Langsa FPSO Pte. Ltd. MODEC INC.
MT. I B N U Oil Tanker
22’367 GT Chief Mate 27/08/2003
07/02/2004 Finish contract Thome Ship Management Pte. Ltd. Singapore
MT. Madura Jaya ( F.S.O.)
49’731 GT Chief Mate 07/11/2002
02/07/2003 Finish contract PT. Perush. Pelayaran EQUINOX – Jakarta
MT. I B N U Oil Tanker
22’367 GT Chief Mate 11/05/2001
07/06/2002 Finish contract Thome Ship Management Pte. Ltd. Singapore
MT. I B N U Oil Tanker
22’367 GT 2nd Mate 17/11/2000
11/05/2001 Promoted Osprey Maritime (Europe) Ltd. Singapore
MT. I B N U Oil Tanker
22’367 GT 3rd Mate 15/05/2000
17/11/2000 Promoted Osprey Maritime Ltd.
L o n d o n
TT. Citra Ayu Storage Tanker
147’837 GT Junior Officer 30/07/1998
30/01/1999 Schooling Thome Ship Management
Mt. Camar Ayu Storage Tanker
17’693 GT 3rd Mate 18/09/1997
25/06/1998 Finish contract Shaun Investment Pte Ltd. Singapore
Mt. Camar Ayu Storage Tanker
17’693 GT 4th Mate 25/03/1997
18/09/1997 Promoted Shaun Investment Pte Ltd. Singapore
Mv. Taruna Putra II General Cargo 1’312 GT Chief Mate 31/05/199604/02/1997 Finish contract Triputra Taruna Lines Palembang – Indonesia
Mv. Ternate Indah General Cargo
1’151 GT 3rd Mate 26/01/1996
31/05/1996 Mutation - Promoted Triputra Taruna Lines
Palembang – Indonesia
Mt. Gunung Keumala Oil Tanker
49’727 GT Cadet 21/08/1994
23/08/1995 Completed sea project Pertamina, Indonesia

A. Maritime Education and Training Institute (STIP – Marunda / Jakarta) for Deck Officer Class I (Master Mariner) On 17 October 2002
B. Up Dating of Chief Mate Ocean Going Certificate to be Deck Officer Class II on 30th August 2001
C. Maritime Education and Training Institute (PLAP – Jakarta) for Chief Mate Ocean Going Certificate included Strata B 1999 – 2000
D. Indonesian Maritime Academy (AMI – Jakarta) for Second Mate Ocean Going Certificate 1990 – 1995 and Strata A on 13 December 1999
E. High School Periods 1986 – 1989 at Surabaya (SMA – 7)

I. MARINE LICENSES ( Certificate of Proficiency ):
Marine Course Certificates as per STCW 1978 as amended 1995
1. Basic Safety Training (BST) Cert. No.6200067021010107 Issued : 26 November 2007
2. ARPA Simulator Cert. No.6200067021020102 Issued : 26 August 2002
3. RADAR Simulator Cert. No.6200067021030102 Issued : 26 August 2002
4. Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Cert.No.6200067021040102 Issued : 26 August 2002
5. Tanker Familiarization Course Pac Marine Services Sngapore) Issued : 22 December 1997
6. Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF )Cert. No.6200067021060102 Issued : 26 August 2002
7. Medical First Aid ( MFA ) Cert. No.6200067021070102 Issued : 26 August 2002
8. Medical Care On Board Ship Cert. No.6200067021080102 Issued : 26 August 2002
9. Oil Tanker Specialized Trn PrgrmCert.No.6200067021100107 Issued : 26 November 2007
10. Chemical Tanker Spcl.Trn.Prgrm Cert.No.6200067021110107 Issued : 26 November 2007
11. Liquefied Gas Tankr Sp.Tr.Prgm Cert.No.6200067021120107 Issued : 26 November 2007
12. I.S.M. Code Cert. No.0440/N-I/VI/02 Issued : 16 September 2002
13. GMDSS Certificate Cert. No.1117/BS/XI/98 Issued : 14 November 1998
14. General Operator Certificate Cert. No.4121/SOU/T/XI/2007 Issued : 19 November 2007
15. Bridge Team Management Cert. No.030722600412 Issued : 31 July 2003
16. Port Facility Security Officer Cert. No.00433//FPSO/DIKSUS/VI/2004 17 June 2004
17. ISPS Code Training (Sucofindo) Cert. No.0480-07/Jkrt-IX/RKT-JMI/’04 28/29 July 2004

II. OTHER LICENSES ( Marine and Safety ):
1. Health And Safety Management O.H.S.A.S. 18001 – Integrated Skill Development – ITS 03 – 04 December 2005 at ITS Surabaya Main Library 2nd Floor
2. H2S Safety Training at Oil & Gas Training Center – CEPU on 13 – 15 February 2006 Cert. No.: 0600091 – Issued: 15 February 2006
3. HSE Performance & Safety Culture / Behavior Modification – Modec Inc. – 24 to 25 March 2006.
4. Practical Pilotage Attachment & Ships Handling / Simulation Course 27 March – 08 April 2006 at P.S.A. Institute – Singapore
5. Marine Terminal Management & Operation Course By Pertamina Maritime Education & Training Center on 17 – 21 July 2006
6. Mooring Master Training – Cert. No. 00011/MMT/DIKSUS/VII/2006 By Pertamina Maritime Education & Training Center on 24 July – 2 August 2006
7. Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (T-BOSIET) Consist of: Offshore Safety Induction, Sea Survival, Basic First Aid, Basic Fire Fighting & Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) by SEATAG – OSTC – Vietnam. Cert. No.: 601100120074 – Issued: 10 January 2007 & refreshed on January 2010

Supervision and execution of all Marine Activities on board the FPSO, whether performed by the facility crew or other sub contractors.
Responsible for providing advice and guidance in the area of occupational Health Safety & Environmental matters.
Assisting facility management and supervision in ensuring that all personnel work within the company Safety Management System guidelines and procedures
Ensuring the AMOS System is managed in accordance with the vendor’s recommendations for the equipment and tasks the position is responsible for.
Ensuring that the established marine policy, procedures and work requests are followed and adhered to
responsible for the safe navigation, maintenance, marine and cargo operations and supervision of marine personnel on board the facility at all times including dry-docking.
For all off-take operations including the berthing and disconnection of the off-take tanker, cargo transfer and documentation.
For ensuring that the requirements and procedures in Facility Management System are implemented and maintained.
To manage the human resources available to the marine group so as to maintain a flexible and efficient work culture.
To fulfill the risk management requirements by ensuring all risks in the marine operations are identified and procedures are established and implemented.
In conjunction with other department heads and the O.I.M., to assist in the management of the facility on board management budget, preparation of accounts and financial reports, control costs and authorize expenditure

Addition Info
Other Skill Literatures:
? Maneuvering of the ship’s moored along the fixed mooring system of FPSO (experiences up to 7 vessels with DWT between 86’000 to 135’000 tonnages).
? English language either spoken or written.
? Computer: Microsoft Office / XP, Windows 2000 / Millennium, Internet, etc.
? Human Resources for Sense of Belonging Management.
? Entitled as O.I.M. (temporary assignment) for up to three months during his absence.
Note: For the time being, I am still working on one of the Indonesian Shipping Company which located at Palembang as Branch Manager for handling two oil barge which chartered by Conoco Phillips.

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