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Electrical engineer

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 119302
Location: Romania Constanta
Education: Masters Degree
Experience: 20+ Years

Electrical engineer/power electronics/surveyor/commissioning/QS/project management

Work Experience
2007-2009 :
Commissioning engineer and also electrical inspector of Sea Tec Co. Ltd, (V ships Co.)for new buildings vessels, chemical tankers (Zhejiang Jingang Shipbuilding Co.Ltd& Fanshun Shipyard), bulk carriers , multipurpose vessels etc. The main responsibilities were:
- to manage the commissioning programme and to ensure that all necessary tests have been completed. The equipment included in the commissioning programme were : main and auxiliary engines, bridge controls, alarms, electrical systems and deck machinery.
-inspect construction and outfitting work with respect to compliance with agreed construction standards and the requirements of classification and statutory authorities.
-attend tests and trials of all installations, systems and machinery in the vessel during construction and at sea trials. The activities were performed in far east China , Japan and Korea region.

Electrical Supervisor of Management Team (Engineering dept. under Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. & Ansaldo nucleare Italy)in charge for construction unit no.2 project CANDU of Nuclear power plant Cernavoda/Romania.
Responsibilities :
To attend and supervise all installation activities for electrical and instrumentation systems of nuclear stem power section according International rules and technical specifications for nuclear equipments and installations. Among these installations are : emergency power systems, digital control alarm and monitoring systems, motors control centre, fuel feeding installation, emergency safety systems, cables and trays installation, grounding system , etc.

Deputy Administrator of High voltage department of Electrica Dobrogea S.A.
Planning, maintenance and repairs schedule of High voltage power transformers and feeders its commutation equipments (separators, breakers, surge arresters etc.) High voltage distribution stations.
Quality management implementation, personnel training(safety, QMS, medical first aid, watching equipments).

Chief electrician officer on merchant vessels bulk carriers and tankers.
To perform all activities in order to prevent malfunctions of electrical and electronic equipments : navigation , radio equipments, main engine monitoring systems, emergency power system, steering gear equipments, telegraph system, battery groups, electrical deck equipments etc.

Technical Superintendent of PETROMIN Shipping co. (New Buildings and repairs department for bulk carriers and tankers).
I was in charge to fit and implement on board of vessels the new electrical and electronic equipments according IMO rules.
To attend , supervise and to negotiate all work repairs done by shipyards and subcontractors.
To prepare repairs vessel’s schedule including dock specification and to send its to different shipyards in order to be quoted, also to carry out on board technical inspection of vessels.
To analyse and to compare the offers on market of repairs and buildings merchant vessels.
To do a financial audit of Joint Venture contracts, bareboat and management Contracts made with our partners.
I have collaborated with Classification Society BV, Loyd, GL, RINO,RNR etc.

(1995 – 1997)

As representative of Petromin Shipping Co. in Galatzi Shipyard, supervising New Building of Clean Product Tankers : TOMIS North; TOMIS South; TOMIS West; TOMIS Cloud; TOMIS Wave. Position Held: Project Manager.
I managed all surveyors activities according their schedule in attend the works in respect of project documentations and technical specification .
Planning the inspections of Classification Society according with the rules.
Watching the implementation of IMO rules regarding the equipments to be fitted on board of vessels and construction rules.

Service engineer by Romanian Navy ship repairs department including presidential fleet.
I was in charge to manage and to supervise the project in electrical field of new buildings
Repairs, maintenance, commissioning and supervision the works of the following equipments:
-radio communication(type Sailor, Japan radio Co., Ltd., Motorola VHF, public addresser, Navtex receiver, automatic direction finder, weather facsimile receiver etc.) and radio navigation systems (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid radars S band and x band Raytheon, JRC, Atlas, also GPS navigator, echo sounder Simrad) implementation and service on board of defecen”s vessels.
Main engine monitoring system, generator sets(Alco, Sulzer, MAN), emergency generator, main switchboard, diesel engine remote control with reversing gear control, fire alarm system, electrical pumps, steering gear, gyro compass, lighting circuits, battery groups with power chargers, shaft generator, deck equipments(cranes, winches, hatch covers hydraulic equipments)etc.
Holder of six Innovations in navigation equipments with legal rights.

1971-1976: Electro technical high school Constanta”electrotehnician qualification diploma.
1977-1982:Technical University/electro technical engineering 5 years degree: Diplomat engineer in electrical field and power electronics licensed.
1994-Maritime training centre programme including IMO courses /maritime electrical officer licence.

IMO Certificates according STCW 95

Proficient using PC Windows 2007, MS office 2007.Holder of car driver licence B.

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