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marine transportation , AB , OS, or 3rd officer

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 118536
Location: Philippines DAVAO CITY,PHILIPPINES
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 2 Years

if given a chance to work with your company ill do my very best to help the company and be part of the company

Work Experience
my past last employer is bright maritime and onboard vessel of mv vitapride of vita management as now the management is under with your control. im onboard the vessel last february 20,2008 and ended last august 15, 2009. im one of the ordinary seaman as known as OS. after a year i promoted as AB.. im very particular with my work and responsibilities.. when the day i going home i immediately pursue a higher rank and now i have a license of OIC for navigational watch..

im graduated at DMMA college of southern philippines last 2002.. and one of the president list of the year end..

my certificate are as follows..

can easily mingle with others, workaholic person, work in any kind of job with description, can handle risky work,,

Addition Info
before i undergo onboard vessel my last work is sales representative of big company here in the Philippines..
1st genibra san miguel for 3years, 2nd safi heinz for almost a year, and 3rd is wellmade manufacturing for 18months.. and im one of the best seller of the company i connected before.. this is the part of my interest in work..

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