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2nd Officer in Offshore, Non-DP, with AHT experience.

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 118247
Location: Ukraine Kherson
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 7 Years

Looking for permanent employment in the company, that manage fairly new Offshore vessels. Planning to complete DP course, if necessity arise.

Work Experience
I have built my career on Tug boats from rating to Officer, 8 months as 2nd Mate.
Significant part of my offshore experience- in the North Sea; mostly under BP and Shell management.
Fluent in English, understand and speak German. Currently learn Portuguese.
Have worked with British, Dutch, German and mixed crews.
Good written and exceptional oral communication abilities.
Successfully performed as Single Mate on Shoal-buster Tug.
Have Shipyard and Dry-dock experience.
Goal-oriented, responsible, patient.
OCEAN SUPPORTER- AHTS;Bollard Pull- 130T.;2nd Off.;Troms Offshore 25.04.2010-currently on board.
OCEAN SUPPORTER- AHTS;Bollard Pull- 130T.;2nd Off.;Dalby Offshore 20.11.2009-19.02.2010
HERKULES- AHT;Bollard Pull- 100T;2nd Off.;MarineCarrier 19.06.2009-28.09.2009
MTS VALIANT- AHT;Bollard Pull- 30T; Mate; MTS Group 29.08.2008-11.09.2008
URSUS- AHT; Bollard Pull- 210T; 3rd Off; Harms Offshore
MAGNUS- AHT; Bollard Pull- 200T; 3rd Off; Harms Offshore
MAGNUS- AHT; Bollard Pull- 200T; 3rd Off; Harms Offshore
MAGNUS- AHT; Bollard Pull- 200T; 3rd Off; Harms Offshore
MAGNUS- AHT; Bollard Pull- 200T; 3rd Off; Harms Offshore
2003-2007 worked on tugboats of Harms Bergung(Offshore).

Ukraine, Kherson Maritime College 1999-2003: Radio Officer
Ukraine, Kherson Maritime College 2001-2006: Officer in charge of Navigational Watch.

All Certificates, related to position of 2nd Officer.
No DP certificates.

I'm good with computers: Word, Excel & other Software, incl. ECDIS: Transas, Maxsea.
Took part in Anchor Handling both on deck and Bridge: as Winch Operator& just as OOW.

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