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2nd Officer

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 117770
Location: Serbia and Montenegro Kotor
Education: 2-yr Degree
Experience: 5 Years

to be 2nd officer until I get necessary certificates for C/O and Captain.

Work Experience
1-deck cadet, M/V Lydia Oldendorff, general cargo vsl, from 16.06.2005. to 15.06.2006.
2-3rd officer, M/V Tasman Challenger, general cargo vsl, from 31.03.2007. to 10.10.2007.
3-2nd officer, M/V MarChaser, container vsl, from 25.12.2007. to 27.05.2008.
4-2nd officer, M/V MSC Alyssa, container vsl, from 30.07.2008. to 04.01.2009.
5-2nd officer, M/V MSC Sandra, container vsl, from 27.04.2009. to 19.11.2009.

1- High Nautical School-Kotor, Montenegro, from September 1997 to may 2001.
2- Nautical College-Kotor, Montenegro, from September 2001 to may 2004.

1-Officer in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500GT or more, No: 0403-10432/1-09,exp 18.12.2014
2-GMDSS General Radio Operator’s Certificate, No.: 0403-10442/1-09, exp: 18.12.2014
3- Familiarization Training, No.: 0403-10433/1-09, exp: 18.12.2014
4- Basic Training, No.: 0403-10434/1-09, exp: No limitations
5- Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats operations, other than fastrescue boats, No.: 0403-10435/1-09
exp: 18.12 2014
6- Medical First Aid Certificate, No.: 0403-10436/1-09, exp: No limitations
7- Medical Care Certificate, No.: 0403-10437/1-09, exp: No limitations
8- Advanced Fire Fighting, No.: 0403-10438/1-09, exp: 18.12.2014
9- SSO (Ship Security Officer), No.: 0403-10439/1-09, exp: 18.12.2014
10- Dangerous Cargo handling, No.: 0403-10440/1-09, exp: 18.12.2014
11- Tanker Familiarization, 0403-10441/1-09, exp: No limitations
-All of this certificates are issued in Kotor(ME) on 18.12.2009.

Addition Info
-Additional certificates:
1-BRM (Bridge Resource Managament), issued at Kotor on 16.12.2006., exp: No limitations
2-ECDIS (Eletronic Chart Display and Information Systems), issued at Kotor on 16.12.2006., exp : No limit.
3-ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids), issued at Kotor on 23.10.2006., exp : No limitations

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