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100 Ton Captain

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 115355
Location: USA MA Oakham
Education: Some college
Experience: 4 Years

To get as much experience in the industry as possible, crew boats, work boats, ferries, private, etc..

Work Experience
4 years experience as senior deckhand on fast ferries in boston harbor, commuter boats, whale watch. 8 months on Nantuket high speed, the Grey Lady.

high school, 3 years college

100 ton masters license when all paper work finally comes in.

TWIC card

CPR and First Aid

Very good executing any task, team player. Mechanically inclined

Addition Info
Its not esy to find someone who has a license that knows how to run a boat and handel a vessel. Eventhough I have not officially ran a boat as a captain, I hve been told by my boss and the other captains that I hve very good boat handeling skills, and being a captain would be not a problem for me at all. I am looking to get as much experience as I can. Once I have had my license for 1 year I can upgrade to a 200-ton, and I want to know were I can go once I have that. I love to work in the high paced environment.

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