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Electro Technical Officer

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 115129
Location: Philippines paranaque
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 19 Years

I want to work in oil rig or any offshore assignment.

Work Experience

Vessel Type Flag GRT BHP/kW Position Period Company
AWARDS/RECOGNITION: Employee of the Quarter—Cunard ( Queen Elezabeth 2 )

Maersk Damietta Container Monrovia 54,000 41,130 EE 07.05.2009---19.10.2009 PTC
Federal Patriot General Cargo Limassol 12,973 6500 EE 04.07.2008—13.03.2009 ASM
Vogesailor Bulk Carrier Monrovia 85,706 21,650 EE 12.08.2007—05.05.2008 Wallem
Conti Malaga Container Hamburg 25,713 24,420 EE 16.10.2006—23.06.2007 CPSMI
Bux Lagoon Container Hamburg 17,850 16,270 EE 15.01.2006—28.08.2006 CPSMI
Conti Asia Container Hamburg 14,195 12,650 EE 31.05.2005—27.11.2005 CPSMI
MSC Sydney Container Bremen 16,236 10,440 EE 03.06.2004—06.03.2005 CPSMI
MSC Normandie Container Majuro 20,345 15,364 EE 06.06.2003—01.03.2004 CPSMI
Las Americas Bridge Container Monrovia 26,125 25,540 EE 17.08.2002—11.04.2003 CPSMI
La Cordillera Bulk Carrier Panama 91,657 25,179 EE 29.05.2001—09.03.2002 Seabound
CSAV Shanghai Container Monrovia 26,125 20,873 EE 28.05.2000—28.03.2001 CPSMI
Copiapo Container Monrovia 26,125 28,380 EE 17.05.1999—18.03.2000 CPSMI
Wilma Container Hamburg 9,764 2x4,760 Elect 29.05.1998—18.02.1999 CPSMI
QE2 Passenger U.K. 70,327 95,625 Elect 18.05.1997—25.02.1998 CPSMI
QE2 Passenger U.K. 70,327 95,625 Elect 08.05.1996—22.03.1997 CPSMI
QE2 Passenger U.K. 70.327 95,625 Elect 10.05.1995—04.03.1996 CPSMI
QE2 Passenger U.K. 70,327 95,625 Elect 05.20.1994—03.09.1995 CPSMI
QE2 Passenger U.K. 70,327 95,625 Elect 07.23.1992—05.13.1993 CPSMI
QE2 Passenger U.K. 70,327 95,625 Elect 09.02.1991—05.09.1992 CPSMI
Amoroso Car Carrier Manila 15,230 12,540 Elect 01.05.1990—02.06.1991 New Filipino

Graduated Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.
Graduated Electrical Technology.


Basic Safety Training and Instructions---14-23741
Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other than Fast Rescue Boats--- 15-11771
Certificate of Competency---0513880045790


MAN B&W ME-B Engine Control System--ISNTC
Crane Operator--ISNTC
Marine Pollution 73/78 Annex VI--ISNTC
Hazardous Materials--ISNTC
Pneumatics and Hydraulics--ISNTC
Ship Maintenance and Management System--WMTC
Safety Incident Reporting and Investigation System--WMTC
Shipboard Security Induction --CPSI
Advanced Instrumentation & Process Control--UP
Marine Automation and Instrumentation--MFI
Basic Microcomputer Hardware Servicing--MFI
Industrial Controls--MFI
Computer Programming & Operations—STI
Refrigeration and Airconditioning---ISNTC
Marine Engines and Auxiliary Systems---CPSI

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