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Receptionist, bar maid, waitress, willing to work in any department

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 114775
Location: Canada Ontario toronto
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 2 Years

To gain international exposure and work in an international environment. also to experience all that The world of cruise ships have to offer.

Work Experience
I am a certified bar tender and also will be a graduate of York University in Canada. i also have administrative experience and I am willing to work in any department, because for me, it is more about the experience aboard the ship.

In june, 2010 I will graduate with my bachelors degree in Economics. I have also spent a year abroad in venezuela and I am fluent in the sanish language. I also have a decent understanding of the french and portuguese languages.

2010 Bachelors degree Bilingual economics

fluent in spanish
decent understanding in french and portuguese

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