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3rd Mate, 3rd Officer

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 114142
Location: Singapore Singapore Singapore
Education: 2-yr Degree
Experience: 3 Years

Looking for a seafaring position as a 3rd Mate/Officer in an oil/chemical tanker. Will excel and do utmost best in performing required tasks and duties in the said position.

Work Experience
Has over 3 years of experience as a deck cadet and third officers in oil/chemical tankers.

(Oil Tanker) 3rd officer NOS SHIPMANAGEMENT
01-JUN-2009 to 31-JUL-2009

(Oil Tanker) 3rd officer AET 01-OCT-2008 to 26-FEB-2009

(G/C) 3rd officer UASC 05-JUN-2008 to 14-AUG-2008

M/T Grand Explorer
(Oil Tanker) 3rd Officer Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
28-Jan-2008 to 25-Mar-2008

M/T Mina
(Chemical) Deck Cadet Red Sea Marine Services 04-Aug-2004 to 10-Oct-2008

M/T Al Safa
(Oil Tanker) Deck Cadet Red Sea Marine Services 23-Aug-2001 to 13-Oct-2002

M/T Israa
(Oil Tanker) Deck Cadet Red Sea Marine Services 06-Dec-1999 to 09-Feb-2001

M/T Sea Wind
(Oil Tanker) Deck Cadet Red Sea Marine Services 28-Sep-1999 to 02-Dec-1999

Graduated from University of Jamshoro, Sindh (Pakistan) with a Second Class BA.

Type : Second Mate (FG)
Number : D30002585
Date of Issue : 26-Nov-2007
Country: Singapore
Expires: 22-Nov-2012

1 Certificate of Advanced Oil Tanker Operations 31-Dec-2007 ATPOTO-0372/2007

2 Oil Tanker Familiarisation 18-Aug-2001 194

3 Chemical Tanker Familiarisation 01-Dec-2003 TF/CoC3/089/2003

4 Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat / 19-Apr-2003 1765

Personal Survival Techniques 28-Aug-1998 015446

5 Advanced/Basic Fire Prevention & fire fighting 05-Apr-2003 0000038

6 Medicare / Medical / Elementary First Aid 22-Oct-2003 MFA/188/2003

7 Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities 07-Sep-1998 002007

8 GMDSS Certificate 01-Jul-2004 SING H 01837

9 Ships Security Officer (SSO) 31-Jul-2004 042

10 Bridge Team Management 27-Sep-2008 BTM-0114/2008

11 ISM/ISO9001/14001 Internal Auditor 01-Dec-2003 M021191

Skills as required of a 3rd Officer

Addition Info
Speak fluent English and Urdu.

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