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machinist mate

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 112259
Education: Some college
Experience: 14 Years

To be productive and gain knowledge that will provide for self-growth as well as the enrichment of the company and coworkers.

Work Experience
2007- 2008 Venture Dynamics.
1040 W 38 th. St. Norfolk , VA. 23508.
Job site Marinette Marine Shipyard Co , Marinette, WI.

Outside Machinist Journeyman// Machinery Installer//Test and
Trail // Marine Equipment Operator// Un-license Engineer.

Construction of prototype of US NAVY. VESSEL LCS-1 USS. FREEDOM,
Installation and test and trail of marine equipment such as Lube oil system (Main Propulsion Diesel -Lube oil, Gear-Lube oil, Generator lo, Gas Turbine-Lube oil ,Transfer, storage, settling tank).
Fuel oil system’s(fill & transfer, purified fuel oil, storage day tank, service tanks SSDG 1, 2,3 and 4, MPDE-FO, GTB-FO). JP-5 FO (Fill, transfer and storage).
Water mist System’s, AFFF system’s, Sea Water , portable Water, Cold water pumps, Hot water; Desalination Plant, Sanitation plant (cht).
Operation, Maintenance And Repair of all Eng. Spaces on the ship including HVAC, Ship Service diesel Generator (Isotta Franchesi 4ea), Main Propulsion Eng’s. Fairbanks-Morse 16PA6B-STC (2ea). (Stbd-Port), Gas turbines, Rolls Royce Mt300, Combo Gear and Splitter Gear from MAAG (filter from 25 to 10 microns, 3 way valve @ heat exchanger ,Electric lube Oil pump, oil separator, lube oil heater,), Rolls Royce Shaft and shaft bearing (scavenger’s pumps), Hydraulics System(HPU) Steering System’s Rolls Royce, Air Compressor and systems related to service( compressed air, alp), oil wastes treatment plant and transfer pumps related, all transfer pumps from Blacker Div.( fuel,oil,fire fitting. systems, Jp5, gray and black water). Operated the AC PLANT, Chill Water Pumps And Matrix Valves; Tested and Sea trail, Insert to Navy and deliver 19 sept 2008to the Navy; The LCS-1 can be man by automation thru the MPCMS computer network which make the eng spaces un-man this system was operated by me, also all the valves (M.O.V) were operated thru this system (AFFF, FUEL OIL, LUBE OIL, SEAWATER, FIRE MAIN, PORTABLE WATER, CHILLWATER, WATERMIST, OILY WAIST, JP5, PROPULSION OIL, MAIN DRAIN, SECONDARY DRAIN); All this system was hand trace according with drawing’s, mechanically and electrical, understanding and trace of electrical switch board (ship power and shore power), stand on 9-12hrs watch duty, 7 days a week thru completion of the project; Work with Chief Eng. And Eng/Asst. as and Un-License Eng/Aux-Operator.

2007-2007 San Antonio Freightliner.
8700 I-H-10 E, Converse, Texas. 78109.
Diesel Mechanic Tech.
Repair tractor trailer and freightliner equipment, preventive maintenance
Air conditioner, light repair , warranties, diagnostics, Caterpillar, Detroit,
Cummins, Mercedes Benz Motors.

2006-2006 General Dynamics, Nassco.
2798 Harbor Drive, San Diego, California. 92113.
Outside Machinist/Journeyman.
Repair and test equipment for ship belong to US. Navy , LPD, LSD, CVN, DDG, FG, CG CLASS, Machinery Equipment ( Main engine Room, Rudder’s, Elevator, Replenish at sea, Fueling at sea Equipment, Valve and Steam valve. Jp5 equipment and valve, Fire main pump, CHT pumps, Shaft and Rotor Propel).
New Construction Ships ( assemble of elevator for the cargo and personnel elevator “ machinery room, cable, electrical, hydraulic system, electronic device, design for the new Lewis and Clark Class ( T-ake 1 Lewis and Clark, T-ake 2 Sacagawea, T-ake 3 Alan Shepard, T-ake 4)
Outfitter( T 1 weld cert ; Burning, Tig and Mig.).
Rigger and lay-out man for machinery purpose.

2001-2006 BAE. System San Diego Ship Repair. Former South West Marine. 2205 Bell Street, San Diego, Ca. 92113.
Outside Machinist/Journeyman.
Conduct of as found and as release, shop order, request of parts and materials, M.T.O. A.P.L. M.A.T status, I.D.R., TI.P. , P.A, W.A.F

Repair and test equipment to be repaired by shop. M.F.P., F.D.B, Jack water salt water pump , sea valve, glove valve, gate valve, combo exhaust relief valve, CHT pumps, macerator, ejector and transfer pump,LD-17, frame S and M pumps, gunslinger coupling repair from M.P.D.E., Aux feed pumps, SSTG scrape blue, diaphragms alignment.

Read detail and parts drawings, lap, scrape(hi-spot blue), precision alignment, hot, cold and soft foot, hydro test mid level one, use of Navy standard items, use of caliper, out side, inside, depth, micrometers, drop reading, travel dials and all measurement tools; over head crane operator 10 & 20.
Made a tool which helped working on sheave, gate recovery cable and Tailgate.
USS Nimitz repair, overhaul, all warping and all mooring capstan, water brake pump, Titanium fire pump,Jp5 service pump,JP5 purify, repair, test wind last brake at the wildcat for the anchor, repaired of catapult cover voids to the spare at the fly deck Cat 1,2,3,4,. Repair of the I.C.C. bobble Gasket Rubber Sea. Repaired and changed valve to all 4 (ACE) elevator. Arresting gear specialist.
USS Reagan repair; mooring capstan 2,Span wire winch, Waste incinerator.

1998-2001 Claire &Star Palladium. S.A.
P.O. Box 608, Balboa Ancon, Panama City, Panama.
Operation and Service Manager
Fleet operation, preventive maintenance, repair of the company equipment, diesel, gasoline, heavy and light duty (Caterpillar, Ford, Mack, John Deer, Komatsu-Dresser, Ingresoll-rand, Cummings, Detroit, international, Ford Trader, Case, Bo-Cat, Drott)
Marine repair and service to CAT, Detroit, Onan-deutz.
Operation and training of the personnel.
Repair and test equipment, shop order, request parts, order local and international
Company had a big growth and was then merged with an international company.

1997-1998 Club De Yates y Pesca de Panama.
Balboa Ave. Panama City, Panama
Harbor Captain
Outside Machinist and Diesel Mechanic
Responsible for over 350 vessels from all club associates.
Bertram, Bay liner, Aqua sport and others with CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Onan sea valve and boat shafting service.
Repair Club members’ boat and yachts and club equipment, barge, floating, speeding and service boat.
250 ton vessel captain license from the Panama Consular y naves de la Republic de Panama.

1995-1997 Panama on Wheels.
Ciudad Radial 12th St. Panama City, Panama.
Operation and Service Manager.
Outside machinist, diesel mechanic, operator.
Expanded territorial sales and rental equipment.
Received company’s highest service award for two consecutive years.
Developed service training course, daily, weekly and monthly schedule for all equipment, preventive maintenance and mayor repair.
New freight contracts were added to our company account, Marine Repair.
1991-1994 Dillon Construction.
Pedro Miguel Locks E.B, Pedro Miguel CZ. Panama.
Equipment Manager.
Head mechanic, outside machinist.
Marine repair to the company equipment (docks contract.)
Operated light and heavy equipment.
Truck driver, semi, and low bed.
In charge of over 45 people, mechanics and operators.
Planning, request parts, use of Tec-manuals.
Military Service.__________________________________________________________

1991-1996 US. Army Reserve, CON GP. (Reinforcement) ARPERCEN 9700 Blvd, St Louis MO.63131.

1987-1991 US Army Reserve.
Southern Command, Panama.
USAR-J2 Transportation specialist-Heavy equipment engineer.
Took care of over 25 reserve general and high officials of the Depart of Defense and the Pentagon.
As heavy equipment engineer took care of the southern command equipment in mil-group Bolivia.
Received a Joint service achievement medal by joint chief of staff.

1983-1987 US Army 82nd ABN Div.
¾ ADA Bttn. Fort Bragg, NC. 28307.
Paratrooper, light vehicle and power generator mechanic.

High School Diploma, Science. Institute Justo Arosemena, Panama
Universidad Latina De Panama; Law and Political Science. Panama
Universidad Xochicalco, Law, Tijuana B.C, Mexico.
Western Truck School, Spring Valley, CA. (CDL).

MILITARY EDUCATION ______________________________________________________________

Light Wheel Vehicle And Power Generator
Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic Course.
Heavy Equipment Engineer (OJT).
Transport Specialist (OJT).
Management and Operation.
Bus Driver School.
Simplified Test Equipment for Internal Combustion School .
Oil Analysis Program
Generator Set 5KW (GED), 5KW (DED), 60KW(DED) School.

DA 348 certificate of driving, US. ARMY
TRK UTL 4X4 ¼ TON; TRK UTL 4X4 11/4 TON M880,TRK CARGO 6X6 11/4 TON,TRK CARGO 6X 21/2 TON M35A2, TRK CARGO 6X6 5 TON M813, TRK CARGO 5 TON M543.
TEXAS CDL, No Hazmat, All endorsement.
250 Tons License by Consular y Naves de Panama.
Oilier and Mechanic License by Consular y Naves de Panama.

Outside Machinist Journeyman
Marine Repair//New Fabrication.
Marine Installer.
Un License Engineer (marine)
Heavy Equipment Operator ( Excavator,Front Loader, D6 Tractor, Off Road Dump Truck, Uniloader-Bob Cat).
Dump Truck, Water Truck, Semi Truck. (CDL).
Diesel Mechanic, Air Brakes,Rear and under carrier Repair, Hvac.
TIG welding flat.
T1 Welding, Gas Welding.
Fork Lift Driver//Recovery Truck.

Addition Info

Honorable Discharge US. ARMY
82nd Airborne Division Certificate of Achievement for Service.
Certificate of Appreciation from The Senior Enlisted Advisor to The Office of The Assistant Secretary Of Defense.
Panama Technologinal University, Participation Diploma.
Ace Award Certificate former South West Marine, now BAE SYSTEMS.


Army ribbon,
Good Conduct Medal,
Army Achievement Medal
Joint Service Achievement Medal,
Driver and Mechanic Badge,
Airborne Badge,
Oversea Ribbon 2nd o’clief,
Expert M-16
Sharp Shooter, hand grenade,
Army lapel Button.
Panama Technological University, participation diploma.
Ace award South West Marine.
Lockheed-Martin Letter of recommendation.

Active member of the Masonic Lodge.
Member of the American Legion. (Converse Texas).

Fully bilingual in English and Spanish with advanced literary and writing skills in both languages.


Joe Hirst/ Project Manager.
Norfolk VA.

Ramiro Rico/ Outside machinist Journeyman
San Diego CA.

David Garcia/ Transport
San Diego CA.

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