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Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 108177
Location: India TamilNadu Tirunelvei
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 6 Years

I am
confident that my skills and past experience would
make great contribution to your organization.
Therefore I would appreciate the opportunity to
discuss my qualification for this position in greater
detail with you in person at your earliest

Work Experience
Summary of Experience

November 2007 to Till Date:

Company: Arabian Pipeline & services co Ltd (ANABEEB) Jubail, KSA

Company Profile :–

Anabeeb is a company based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia set up to cater to the Construction & Maintenance needs of the Various Petrochemical, Oil & Gas industries in the Middle Eastern region as well as through out the world. Anabeeb services include but are not limited to Shut down jobs, Mechanical piping & erection works, fabrication of Pressure Vessel, Inspection & Maintenance of Plant Static Equipment, Flare works.

Summary of Projects

Project: Fabrication, welding, Installation, Testing & commissioning of Piping, Furnace tube fabrication job in SASREF (Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co-Jubail – K.S.A).
• Installation of 20” Pipeline Natural Gas Filters.
• Replacement of Fin fan Heat Exchanger.
• Replacement of 6” Pipeline Defect.
• Replacement of 6”*4” Cement line Pipeline.
• Replacement of Dia 1186 * Thick 6 mm * 41 Mtr long Flue Gas Duct.

Columns Internal Tray Installation of Daelim Site. (SABIC Group – Jubail – K.S.A)

Attended Major Turnaround in IBN ZAHR (SABIC Group – Jubail – K.S.A).

Attended Major Emergency Shut down in SASREF- Replace the Furnace Coil Pipe. (Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co-Jubail – K.S.A).

Attended Major Turnaround April 2008 in SASREF. (Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co-Jubail – K.S.A).

Attended Major Turnaround in Al-Bayroni. (SABIC Group – Jubail – K.S.A).

Duties & Responsibilities

• To assist the Site Superintendent & coordinate the supervisor’s activity, carry out & implement the QA/QC program, arrange & conduct meeting under the Site Superintendent direction.
• To visit the construction site daily to check whether all works, materials, equipment, are in accordance with QA/QC program, Project drawing & specification. When defective materials, equipment, or workmanship are found, immediate action to be taken to correct them, & to report the corrective action to the Site Superintendent.
• To conduct all required tests in accordance with contract documents and to prepare fill in & sign all reports & forms as necessary for the compliance with Contract Quality Standards
• Carrying out preliminary inspection of materials of construction & reviewing the material mill certificate.
• Preparing the weld inspection & material traceability certificate & updating the same.
• Inspecting the weld fit-up of joints prior to root pass & visual inspection of final weld, conducting penetrent test on welding joints.
• Planning / organizing and checking of work progress & schedules to meet the deadlines/target dates & implementing QA/QC plans.
• To check the field welds & consumables comply with project qualifications.
• To check all repairs are perform correctly & non destructive tests are regularly repeated.
• To keep a report file for all non-destructive tests.
• To obtain any necessary approval for changing as appropriate procedure & for reforming requiring special procedures.
• Preparing the QA/QC Dossier for the project, support service for the commissioning the compressor.
• Identifying & issuing of non-conformity as observed during working.
• Coordinating with quality control departments & representing matters with the client.
• Erection & joining of beams for shift lift platform.
• Planning work execution as per work vender specifications / requirements & work target.
• Supervising & coordinating with work force in executing job to completion on time as per work plan & with safety precautions/procedures.
• Conducting through stage-wise inspection as per procedures / codes as well as alignment & assembly of equipment at site during installation.
• Estimating of material requirements after study of vendor drawings & specifications.
• Carry out preliminary, on stage & final inspection of chemical cleaned spools which are used in oxygen & nitrogen services.


• Preparation of ITP & WPS.
• Conformation of materials & Welding consumables with drawing and codes.
• Qualification of Welders.
• Stage wise inspection of welding.(fit up, root pass visual & NDT, Final weld Visual & NDT)
• Inspection of Heat treatment cycle using WPS, Procedures & codes.
• Preparation of Hydro test Package & Final Punch Listing.
• Preparation of QA/QC Dossier.


Pre Turnaround

• Preparing an Inspection report for Existing Pipeline & Equipment Shell using UT thickness Survey.
• Conducting a detailed Study of Inspection report & Scope of work of each equipment.
• Verification of Gasket, flanges, Plates (Using Positive Material Identification method) etc.
• Preparation of ITP & Wall Chart.


• Inspection of Equipments [Inspection for erosion, corrosion & mechanical repairs which occurred during service. After Opening equipment, conduct a preclean inspection & record the findings for next turnaround].
• IRIS or EDDY CURRENT testing of Heat Exchanger for tube cracks.
• Weld inspection of Strip Lining & Weld Build up of Equipment Shell.
• Hydro test of pipes & Equipment.
• Final Punch Listing of Equipment/pipes before handover to Client
• Preparation of QA/QC Dossier.

Experience in INDIA

From 2005 March to 2007 November.

Suzlon Energy Limited.(Suzlon Infrastructure services Ltd)
Worked as QA/QC Engineer for Sanganeri Project (Near Kanyakumari).

Company profile:

Suzlon, a leading German MNC specializes in providing total solutions in Wind Power Generation with integration of consultancy, design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance services.

From 2004 February to 2005 March.

Fisher Pumps Pvt.Ltd (SHARP Groups), Coimbatore.
Worked as QA/QC Engineer for manufacturing, Assembly Shop.

Company Profile:

A Multinational Company manufacturing Submersible pumps, water pumps and also design, manufacturing, Assembly & maintenance services. The first company in India to introduce Mini Mono Block Pumps.

From 2002 June To 2004 January.

Worked as Production cum Quality Control Engineer for Machine Shop.

Company Profile:

A company manufacturing the critical parts of defence equipments. (VENDOR OF DEFENCE SUPPLIER – AVADI).

B.E in Mechanical Engineering (completed on 2002)
Mononmaniam Sundranar University, Tirunelveli, TamilNadu.

Pursuing M.B.A. (Operation Management).
Bharathidasan Institute of Management (Distance University), Tiruchirappali, TamilNadu.

• ASNT Level II Certification in Radiography Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing.
• Pro-E & Ansys.
• SAP knowledge in Quality Management.
• Stress & Time Management.
• Leadership Management.
• First Aid & Fire Fighting Training.
• 5S Training.
• S4 Course Training.

• Qualified with 6 yrs experience in the field of quality assurance and quality control activities of Machine Shop, Assembly of Pump, Windmill Construction, and Plant Construction and shut down.

• Assessment of contractor‘s Quality System, assisting in preparation of QA Documents, ITP and Inspection of welding & equipments (Inspection for erosion, corrosion & mechanical repairs), Preparation of Weld map..

Addition Info
• “Golden Award “for Excellency in Service for the year of 2006 – 2007 in Suzlon.

• Performance Appraisal Awarded – “Very Good “for the year of 2005 – 2006 in Suzlon.

• Performance Awarded – “Very Good “for the year of 2004 – 2005 in Fisher Pumps.

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