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Medical Officer

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 107182
Location: USA WA Ocean Shores
Education: PhD/MD/Doctorate
Experience: 20+ Years

Medical Officer (Staff)

Work Experience
US Military certified medic
2 years Sea time. Case management; 20 years military medicine, emergency, chronic, and diseased patient diagnosis,treatment and care. Preserved the life and limbs of injured people. Treated the sick and above all did no harm.

M.D, 2002
M.Ed, CWU Education
B.A, CWU Political Science
Army, Combat Medic

US Coast Guard MMD expires 2/2013
COR Medical Staff Officer expires 2/2013
Certified Combat Medic

Case management 20 years military emergency, chronic, and diseased patient diagnosis,treatment and care.

Addition Info
Security weapons qualified. M-16,and 50 and 45 cal. Drill Instructor served in all combat arms.

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