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Able Body Seaman Unlimited

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 106398
Location: USA LA lafayette
Education: Some college
Experience: 8 Years

A position where I can use my knowledge and experience of eight years offshore drilling to assist the oil and gas industry.

Work Experience
Edison Chouest Offshore March 2005- January 2007
Able Body Seaman Unlimited-$275/day

Nautical Offshore Corporation May 2003- January 2004
Rigging and Able Body Seaman-$145/day

Trico Marine Operators January 2004-May 2004
Able Body Seaman-$155/day

Hornbeck Offshore Operators, LLC June 2004- July 2004
Able Body Seaman-$175/day

Seabulk Offshore, LTD., June 1999- July 2003
Ordinary Seaman-$85/day
Able Body Seaman-$155/day

Louisiana Technical College
• Completed 32 Hour Tanker man “PIC” Barge: Dangerous Liquids in compliance with 46 CFR 13.309. March 2006
• 8-Hour Elementary First Aid/CPR in compliance with 46 CFR 10.301-304. November 2006
• Satisfactorily completed 30-Hour Proficiency in Survival Craft. May 2001

Houston Marine Training Services
• U.S.C.G. Approved Firefighting Basic Training In compliance with the STCW Code. June 1999
• U.S.C.G. Approved Basic Training in Elementary First Aid In compliance with the STCW Code. June 1999
• U.S.C.G Approved Personal Safety Basic Training In compliance with the STCW Code. June 1999
• Completed U.S.C.G. Approved Personal Survival Basic Training. June 1999

Galliano Training Center

• Completed Basic Rigging API-RP-2D 5th Edition. January 2006
• Completed Training Safe Gulf Course. March 2005

Fletcher Technical Community College
• 44-Hour Able Seaman. July 2004

• Current STCW 95 Certificate Rating forming part of a navigational watch (Able Seaman-Unlimited) Valid until 2 September 2009, and proficient in the use of survival craft (Life Boatman)

• Valid US USCG Merchant Mariner’s Documentation Z Card AB-UNL, WIPER, SD (FH), Vision Waiver, Expires 09/02/2009

• Completed Training, Streamlined Inspection Program, Sea bulk Offshore, Ltd., February 2002

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