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marine pilot, harbour pilot, mooring master for SBM, loading master (OIL & GAS)

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 105159
Location: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia KHAFJI _ 31971, Saudi Arabia
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 15 Years

Pilot ships in & out of Port & Harbour limits, Moor Ships to SBM, Ship to Ship transfer etc

Work Experience
7yrs as Pilot & 12yrs Sailing experience as Chief Officer & Master both Oil & Gas Tanker ships, 15yrs in the Indian navy as Officer

Master F.G, Bsc, BGL

Master F.G with Oil & Gas endorsement

Tanker Ship Operations, Loading Master for Both Oil & Gas ships, Ship handling in restricted water & manouvering to SBM & Ship to Ship tranfer, Cargo Surveying

Addition Info
Do not like Sailing jobs, looking for On & Off jobs near Port limits with out family

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