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Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 105131
Location: USA CA Murrieta
Education: Some college
Experience: 20+ Years

I am seeking a Quality Assurance, Project Manager or any challenging position outside the state of California.

Work Experience
01/2004 to Present; 40 hours per week; SHIPBUILDING SPECIALIST; $65,000 per Annum; South West Regional Maintenance Center; 3755 Brinser Street Suite 4 San Diego California 92136; Saul Flores; (619)572-2638; Contact Supervisor? Yes.

The function of Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair USN,
SWRMC San Diego CA is the procurement and administrations of contracts
for the conversion and repair of U.S. Naval ships and vessels and the
Administration of NAVSEA new construction contracts for naval ships and vessels.

My position is located in Camp Pendleton California at ACU5 Landing Craft Air Cushion Facility “LCAC” in Code 370A Small Boats Planning and Repair Department. The primary function of the departments is the procurement and administration of contracts for the conversion and repair of U.S. Naval ships. Work is accomplished through private shipyards and repair facilities located in Southern California Region.

Propulsion Leading Chief Petty Officer, Responsible for coordination of all repairs, maintenance and operations to machinery throughout the ship.
Technical expert. Supervised 80 personnel and ensured the accomplishment of all ship wide repairs.

*Served as Engineering Officer of the Watch and Engineering Duty Officer. Maintained total propulsion plant control of all Engineering and support systems during deployments.
*Qualified Fire Marshal and Gas free engineer.
*Engineering Training Team Coordinator. Trained 80 personnel in engineering casualty control procedures.
*Instructed entire crew of 340 personnel in fire fighting and damage control procedures.
*Developed and implemented job cross training to enhance workforce flexibility and mission readiness.
*Integrated programs in Microsoft and Excel spreadsheets to record and track pertinent records on monitoring vital machinery.
*Performed Diesel Engine inspections and analyzed internal components for impending part failure and preventive maintenance.

Wilmington High School; Wilmington, Illinois; 1985; High School Diploma

Central Texas College; Yokosuka Japan; 2001; No Degree; 3 GPA, 4 Point Scale; 6 Semester Hours

University of Alaska Anchorage; Adak Alaska; 1991; 3 GPA, 4 Point Scale; 7 Semester Hours

NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector Certification (2006)

Boiler water/Feed water Test and Treatment Chelant Supervisor Certification (2001)

Non-Propulsion Boiler Water/Feed Water Test and Treatment Certification (1999)

Gas Free Engineer and Gas Free Engineering Certification

I have managed projects of one or more Maintenance Teams. Provided technical and administrative guidance to team members during shipyard overhaul and repair periods. I have experience in contract administration and work specifications in the repair of various classes of US Naval Ships and Crafts. I have the ability and knowledge to resolve complex problems, i.e., administration or technical in a stressful environment requiring rapid results to meet operational schedules. This experience affords me the ability to make a direct and immediate contribution to your Company.

Addition Info
Navy Enterprise Maintenance Information System Course (NEMAIS)
Regional Maintenance Automated Information System Course (RMAIS)
Senior Enlisted Propulsion Engineering Course
Enlisted Navy Recruiter Orientation School
Hazardous Material Control Course
Respiratory Protection Fundamentals and Program Management Course
Hazardous Material Control and Management Technician School
Cargo Weapons Elevator Maintenance School
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Operation and Maintenance School
Navy Safety Supervisor Course

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