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Deckhand/Mate (Mississippi River)

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 103323
Location: USA AR Reyno
Education: 2-yr Degree
Experience: 15 Years

I would like to obtain employment with a company, on deck if necessary although eventually leading to a job in the engine room.

Work Experience
I started my riverboat/towboat career working with ARTCO on lineboats. I have worked on the Upper and Lower Mississippi Rivers, the Ohio River, the Illinois River, the Intercoastal waterway from East Florida to Brownsville Texas and the harbors of Memphis,Tennessee and Mobile, Alabama.

Graduated High School at Biggers, Arkansas and obtained an Associates Degree in Accounting

I have held an Operator of uninspected towing vessels license with an inland endorsement.

I have worked as a mate on the lineboats on all the rivers and harbors listed above. These were up to 10,500 horse power boats with reletively large tows. I have worked also worked with a couple of fueling companies in the Memphis Harbor, Economy Boat Store and Ergon Marine, so I have experience tanking barges as well.

Addition Info
I am very aware of how to keep the vessels clean, safe and making and breaking tows as well as fleeting barges.

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