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Mess man,Ordinary Seaman,Able Bodied Seaman

Education, Experience & Location
Resume ID: 101357
Location: Philippines South Cotabato
Education: 4-yr Degree
Experience: 3 Years

I am applying with your company for the position of able bodied seaman. So that i enhance my knowledge and skills towards ships handling,as will as navigating and to share the companies mission and vission for the achievements of its goal.

Work Experience

03 Mar. 2001 To 16 Aug. 2001 - Mess Man
17 Aug. 2001 To 27 Apr. 2002 - Ordinary Seaman
Vessel Name - M.V. Grand Race
Gross Tonnage - 50,309
Type Vessel - Pure Car Carrier
Trading Area - World Wide

06 Feb. 2003 To 03 Jul. 2003 - Mess Man
04 Jul. 2003 To 16 May 2004 - Ordinary Seaman
Vessel Name - M.V. Grand Race
Gross Tonnage - 50,309
Vessel Type - Pure Car Carrier
Trading Area - World Wide

11 Jun. 2005 To 29 Aug. 2006 - Able Bodied Seaman
Vessel Name - M.V. Grand Mark
Gross Tonnage - 50,310
Vessel Type - Pure Car Carrier
TrADING Area - World Wide

Mindanao Polytechnic College - Bachelor Of Science In Marine Transportation.

Notre Dame Of Surala - High School Level

Purok Sison Elem. School - Elementary Level

Certificate Of Competency(COC)
Capacity - Deck Rating
Limitation _ None

Marpol VI
Marpol I & II
Navigational Watch
Advance Training In Fire Fighting
Proficiency In Survival Craft And Rescue Boat
Basic Safety Course With PSSR
Maritime Security Awareness Course
NAC Certificate(Training In Advance Firefighting, Certificate Of Profeciency In survival Craft And Rescue Boat Other Than Fast Rescue Boat, Basic Safety Training Instruction)
Panama Booklet

Cheaping, Sandering,And Painting,Deck Maintenace as will.
Steering The Ship Wheel
Anchor Winch Handling
Windlast Operating
Operating Car Lifter

Addition Info
Im hard working person,ressponsible for my duties and task onboard ship,friendly,kind and honest to my fellow sailors.

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