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Assistant Marine Energy Engineer

Job ID: 106950
Location: USA Norfolk
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Alaris Companies
Contact: Bobbi Wolff

Job Description
Job summary
The Assistant Marine Energy Engineer (AMEE) will aid the Senior Energy Engineers in performing energy audits on all types of vessels, terminals, and facilities as required. The AMEE will also aid in producing the reports of the audits.
Salary is dependent upon experience, license, advanced degrees and certifications, and individual’s ability to perform the tasks assigned.
Summary of essential job functions
The AMEE will be required to travel to and from the vessel/terminal/facility to perform the actual auditing. The time period for the audit is typically 1 to 3 weeks. This will also require actual riding of vessels while underway. Travel will comprise 5 to 25% of the work time.
During audits the AMEE is responsible to take technical measurements of various energy consuming equipment onboard the vessel with data loggers, power quality meters, and written logs. The AMEE is responsible to set up the instrumentation, record the data, and download the data to a PC. The AMEE will also be required to take written performance data for various systems, equipment, engines, boilers, etc during the audit.
The AMEE will produce reports using the data collected during the energy audit under the direction of a Senior Engineer. This will consist of analyzing the collected data and producing graphs/charts as required. The job will include considerable time doing research on various equipment and systems. The AMEE will use the information gathered during the research, audit, and analysis and assist the senior engineer in writing the technical report.
Minimum Requirements
• Electrical skills: able to read electrical prints and work on distribution panels and switchgear.
• Computer skills: able to work with Excel, Microsoft Word, and various specialty software programs
• USCG Unlimited Third Assistants License
• Maritime Academy Graduate (Chief Engineer license with senior officer experience will be considered)
• Fluent technical report writing skills
• Able to communicate effectively with other people.
• Advanced degree a plus.
Physical Abilities Required
• Able to work 12 hour days/ 7 days a week, in engine room conditions during at sea phase of energy audit
• Able to carry measurement equipment and gear through out vessels/facilities as required
• Self motivated and ability to perform duties independently
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