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First Assistant Engineer

Job ID: 106879
Location: USA Throughout U.S.
Salary: $69,496 - $95,036 per Year
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Contact: Tom Martin
Address: 439 West York Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone: 757-441-3865
Fax: 757-441-6495

Job Description
Having a career as a Wage Marine employee in NOAA is to be an integral part of understanding the condition of the ocean and atmosphere. NOAA Wage Marine personnel add a seaman's know-how to NOAA's scientific research by directly participating in the operation and handling of scientific gear in the tumultuous ocean environment. NOAA's fleet of research ships operate world-wide in direct support of NOAA's diverse environmental information programs, environmental stewardship services and applied scientific research.

The highly-skilled and technical workforce provides NOAA the ability to achieve success in the conduct of nautical charting, bathymetric mapping, fisheries research, ecosystem assessments, marine environment baseline assessments, coastal-ocean circulation, and oceanic and atmospheric research.

Enjoy an exciting career serving as a Federal employee, while gaining experience and training to advance your mariner or personal credentials.

NOAA shipboard mariners have an excellent total compensation benefits package which includes health insurance (optional), life insurance (optional), paid annual(vacation), sick, and shore leave, periodic subsidized vacation travel, retirement plan, participation in a funds matching Thrift Savings Plan (similar to 401K), and overtime (not guaranteed) which may significantly supplement your annual salary.

First Assistant Engineers selected for this position will:

Direct and perform maintenance and repair work on Engineering Department’s ship systems in accordance with manufacturer’s and shipbuilder’s technical manuals and NOAA policy.

Provide guidance and direction to other assistant engineers performing maintenance when called upon based on his/her knowledge and experience as the more senior engineer.

Make Shipboard Automated Maintenance Management (SAMM) system entries as required.

Have overall responsibility for knowing the maintenance and operational requirements that ensure safe and efficient operation of the engineering, electrical or electronic systems that may be assigned to him/her.

Stand engine room watch at sea or in port when required by engineering system failures or mission requirements; may be on call, at sea or in port, during non-normal work days as required. While on watch or performing maintenance, as the engineer-in-charge, directs the activities of licensed and unlicensed engineering personnel that are assigned.

Assist the Chief Engineer in all department administrative activities including work planning, inventory and ordering supplies.

Perform other mission related duties as assigned, including duties related to the safety of the vessel and personnel.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

-U.S. Citizen

-USCG MMC endorsed with Second Assistant Engineer (or higher) for Motor vessels prior to appointment.

-Must have one (1) year experience as Second Assistant Engineer.

-Meet physical requirements prior to appointment.

-Pass drug testing prior to appointment.

-Must be registered for Selective Service.

-Meet Federal suitability standards.

Interested applicants should submit resumes via email to or by fax to (757)441-6495.
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