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Sr. Port Engineer

Job ID: 106852
Location: USA Oakland
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Matson Navigation Company
Contact: Yvette Smith
Address: 555 12th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Job Description
Senior Port Engineer – Oakland, CA.
Matson Navigation Company

Purpose / Summary
At Matson Navigation Company, the Technical & Marine Engineering team mantra is to ‘Serve the Vessels’. Our Senior Port Engineer is a key team member in seeing to it that our department is successful in our mission to do what it takes to keep the vessels safe, on schedule, and well maintained within the confines of regulatory, statutory, and budgetary requirements. The position demands a broad and high-level of experience in the maritime as a seafarer, with shore-side and dry-docking experience. Moreover, a keen understanding of Classification, the ISM, and NS5-Nautical Systems are must-have qualifications. Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills are necessary to lead the Port Engineers, and to constantly bridge the distance between the Matson’s seagoing officers, Port Engineers, and the operations management team of deck and engine professionals ashore. The Senior Port Engineer has reporting responsibilities to both the Manager of Fleet Maintenance and (to a lesser extent) the Manager of Marine Engineering.

This position requires the candidate to join the MEBA (Marine Engineers Beneficial Association) CBA, if not already a member when hired.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.

Key Contractual (CBA) Duties
• Enforce overtime and compensatory time controls over all other Port Engineers, and vessel engineering departments.
• Administer Port Engineer vacation, training, and vessel attendance schedule, in step with fleet requirements.
• Insure that the NS5 (ABS-Nautical Systems) (or replacement) ship management system is used to the fullest capability by all Port Engineers
• Process Safety Management System NCR’s and CAR’s.
• Supervise company relationships between Port Engineers and Repair Contractors.
o Maintain current / annual rate sheets.
o Locate / process new vendors
• Recommendations to Managers regarding Port Engineer, Chief and First Engineer assignments
• Maintain surveillance over M&R budgets, parts budgets, and dry-dock budgets.

Key Responsibilities
• Support MATSON’s safety management system.
• Provide technical expertise in support of the engineering team.
• Maintain a (the) fleet / Port Engineer master scheduling document (MS-Project™).
• Ensure that all vessels have proper oversight and attendance by the Port Engineers.
• Vessel attendance in relief of assigned Port Engineer when required.
• Monitor Classification documentation, and ensure that surveys are kept current by the Port Engineers, Masters, and Chief Engineers. Ensure Class notifications are relayed to the Port Engineers, officers, and management.
• Monitor / inspect Oil Record Book submittals for accuracy and compliance. Report variances.
• Monitor Lube Oil Analysis reports for alerts, and address with Port and Chief Engineers.
• Monitor Main Engine and Diesel Generator performance reports, report anomalies to Manager of FM.
• Assist Manager of Fleet Maintenance with preparation and enforcement of annual M&R budgets.

• Monitor the timely submission and processing of Service Purchase Orders issue by Port Engineers.
• Monitor and report monthly variances from Plan to Manager of Fleet Maintenance, and staff accountant. Prepare weekly ‘dashboard’ projections for staff accountant.
• Assist in developing long range plans for dry-docking, major planned maintenance, and regulatory surveys.
• Supervision of the warehouseman, and warehousing inventory control system.
• Complete annual performance reviews of all subordinate Port Engineers.
• Assist with selection, then train Temporary Port Engineers.
• Assist with the selection and promotion of fleet officers; voting committee person.
• Attend and participate in monthly Safety Committee meetings.
• Perform other position related duties as specified by management.

Position Specifications
• Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Technical Degree in Marine Engineering.
• Minimum five (5) years seagoing experience as Chief Engineer, unlimited HP.
• Minimum five (5) years’ experience as a Port Engineer arranging and supervising voyage repairs.
• Minimum of three (3) dry-dockings as lead Superintendent / Port Engineer.
• Preference given to the following specifications:
o Sea-going experience as Chief or First Engineer aboard MATSON vessels
o Five (5) years or more experience with NS5.
o Demonstrated technical writing skills (dry-dock specifications)

Technical Skills and Competencies Required
• Diesel and steam power plant experience from 3rd Assistant through Chief Engineer (in either or both)
• Superior troubleshooting skills for all marine systems and equipment.
• Container vessel experience.
• Understanding of regulatory and statutory requirements of the IMO, USCG, and Classification Societies
• Fully competent with Microsoft Office™. Particularly: Word™, Excel™, Access™, and Project™
• Fully competent with the ABS NS5 (Nautical Systems) vessel management software.
• Able to process US Customs Border Patrol filings for foreign voyage repairs.
• Technical writing for the purpose of specifying voyage or dry-dock related repairs.

Physical Demands & Work Environment
• General office setting.
• Off-hours calls, assignments, projects, and vessel attendance is often required outside of the 0800hr-1700hr office routine.
• On site and working aboard the assigned vessel(s). This involves climbing step/vertical ladders, working in hazardous environments, confined spaces, and work in exposed areas in heat or cold.
• Should be able to hear and speak clearly using phone/headset to communicate with vendors, crew, Port Engineers and various groups in Matson Navigation; be able to navigate, view and enter information on the computer.
• May need to travel frequently, with short notice, across the US and occasionally overseas.
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