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3-D CAD Designer/Drafter

Job ID: 106505
Location: USA Cleveland / Tampa
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Netsco
Contact: Rich Mueller

Job Description
The 3-D CAD Designer/Drafter is strategically important position within Netsco. The position will help to lead the company into a new era with 3-D scanning, modeling, and rendering. The applicant will be have strong conceptual skills, and be proficient in 3D modeling software. Some 2 D experience would be helpful. The 3-D CAD Designer/Drafter will help the Company set up software and hardware systems to enable the Company to effectively respond to Client requests for 3-D models of entire vessels, or particular areas or spaces within the vessels; and assisting our engineers and naval architects to better visualize system or equipment installations. The 3-D CAD Designer/Drafter will also have an in depth knowledge of the process of moving from 3-D scans to models to rendering.

1. Technical or engineering degree, or proven technical experience
2. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
3. Ability to handle multiple projects, work to deadlines, and prioritize
4. Able to work both independently, and in a team environment
5. 3-5 year’s experience with the AutoCAD family of products preferred

Netsco, formed in 1984, is a marine engineering, naval architecture and design firm. Netsco provides a full range of services to the maritime industry, including vessel design services, naval architecture, marine engineering, facility services, project management, and a broad range of consulting services. Netsco specializes in specialty vessels, especially those which carry bulk materials (dry and liquid), and are capable of self-discharging. Netsco has offices in Cleveland, OH and Tampa, FL.
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