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Deckhand - Warrior & Gulf Navigation LLC

Job ID: 106240
Location: USA, AL Mobile
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Entry Level
Company: Transtar
Contact: Valerie Roberts
Address: 3010 Gaylord Parkway #300
Frisco, TX 75025

Job Description
The Deckhand position of Warrior & Gulf Navigation LLC of Transtar, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of U. S. Steel, is responsible for the labor on tow boats and barges used in the water transportation of raw materials such as coal, coke and iron ore. This job is rated HEAVY duty physical demand level according to US Department of Labor guidelines.

Job Responsibilities:

Receive orders from and communicate with the towboat master or pilot.

Perform periodic inspections of the tow boat/barge engine, equipment, and hull, reporting damage, leaks or problems to the pilot/captain.

Lift and carry ratchets, rigging and other tools needed for barge coupling/uncoupling.

Use ratchets, lines, and other equipment to moor vessel to wharves, couple vessels together, or rig to towing lines.

Responsible for basic housekeeping about the towboat including decks, motor room, wheelhouse, and living quarters. This includes scrubbing, mopping, meal preparation/cleanup, and painting.

Inventory food supplies and prepare grocery order for needed supplies.

Carry and operate diesel and electric pumps used to remove excess water from leaking barge compartments.

Communicate with pilot/master via radio and hand signals as to vessel position from the end of tow.

Lubrication of machinery and equipment and maintenance activities to towing/fastening gear.

When vessel is docked, may load gear onto boats, and assist laborers and mechanics/welders with maintenance/repair duties on vessels and department grounds.

Drive crew change vehicle (truck or car) to and from crew changes.

Job Requirements:

High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) is required.

Valid driver's license is required.

Minimum of six months in a marine industrial setting or outdoor work experience is required.

Must be willing to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

Must be willing and available to work 23 days on boat with 10 days off.

Ability to perform manual labor and lift in excess of 50 lbs. is required.

Excellent written and verbal communications skills is required.

Minimum of 6 months towboat with 6 barge tow experience is preferred.

To Apply, Please Click on the Link Below:

Job#: 4179

Warrior & Gulf Navigation, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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