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Job ID: 106141
Location: USA Seattle, WA
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Harley Marine

Job Description
A Harley Marine Services Company

JOB TITLE: Port Engineer -

We are a highly safe, environmentally responsible, efficient, and customer service oriented company in the marine services business. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, maintain a good standard of living for our employees, and improve the communities in which we live and operate.
As a result of our strategic focus on safety, environmental protection, and customer service, Harley Marine continues to be one of the fastest growing marine transportation businesses and leading providers of marine transportation services.

Harley Marine Services, Inc. (HMS) is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free work place. HMS companies have established an outstanding reputation for quality. When looking at the success of a company, one cannot help but also acknowledge the employees. When people feel valued, they produce valuable work; when you are committed to them, they will be committed to you. These are the principles used at HMS. HMS is gifted with a wealth of talented individuals who have extensive experience in the field. Their experience and commitment serve as great driving forces to meeting the mission statement.


- Evaluate, train, hire and assist in crewing OTB vessel engineers.
- Develop and supervise a training program for vessel engineers.

- Assist in scheduling, coordinating, and performing vessel repair & maintenance, to include coordinating purchasing of parts and repair services and supplies, schedule routine maintenance requirements for tugs and barges.
- Perform inspections of vessels for repair & maintenance standards and procedures.
- Keep Tugs in compliance with all regulatory agencies and customer requirements.
- Keep accurate records of all maintenance preformed using company program.
- Perform any other job/task as assigned by V.P. Engineering.

- Evaluate engineers on a continuous schedule, this is to include but is not limited to ride alongs.
- Responsible for hiring qualified engineers.
- Develop a comprehensive training program with special focus on fueling and to include a vessel check off list for each tug.
- Work with dispatch and port captain to keep vessels crewed with qualified personal.
- Be available to sail as engineer when necessary.
- Keep the vessel management system updated in regards to engineers and engineer/deckhands.
- Survey and evaluate vessel and develop work lists to be performed by vessel crews.
- Schedule, coordinate, and perform flow of work based on customer orders, establish priorities and availability of personnel, equipment, and resources.
- Keep records of maintenance preformed, hours used, fuel burned, and keep Emaint up to date.
- Schedule routine maintenance of tugs.
- Manage oil analysis program.
- Coordinate the purchasing of parts and services for repair and maintenance projects.
- Perform inspections of vessels for repair & maintenance standards and regulatory bodies.
- Compliance AWO RCP and ISO/ISM program.
- Perform emergency repairs on vessels as required.
- Merchant Mariner Document/Credential Required.

- Quality of engineers.
- Quality and effectiveness of training program.
- Condition and operational performance of equipment.
- Effective use of purchase orders and review of invoices.
- Complete and accurate paperwork.
- Maintenance schedules performed on time.
- Oil sample & analysis program performed on a timely basis.
- Actual costs of repair and projects against budget.
- Emaint and ISO/ISM kept up to date.

- Computer skills: Word and Excel.
- Knowledge of oil transportation and marine industry.
- Knowledge of tugs maintenance systems and equipment.
- Ability to repair marine equipment on site under adverse conditions.
- Ability to deal with others using courtesy, tact, and good judgment.
- Maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive communications.
- Ability to understand and execute complex oral and written instructions.
- Ability to work independently with minimal or no guidance.
- Ability to get along with office staff and vessel crewmembers.
- Must be physically fit enough to board barges and tugs at sea and in port.
- Must be able to read, speak, write, type, and understand English in person and over the telephone.
- Must be thoroughly familiar with tank barge operations, ship operations, and terminal/refinery operations.

- Valid drivers license.
- Ability to get along with office staff and vessel crewmembers.
- Must be physically fit enough to board barges and tugs at sea and in port.

- Required to work aboard boats and barges using pike poles, heavy lines, winches, mechanical tools for repairs.
- Computer
- Copier
- Fax Machine

- Normal office hours are 07:00a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
- Takes communications 24 hours a day, including weekends, concerning vessel maintenance, repair, and operations along with crewing requirements.
- Capable of making decisions and giving directions to facilitate prompt service delivery.
- Frequently required to board tugs, barges, and ships, at dock or at anchor in all weather conditions and at all hours.

- Experience maintaining tugs.
- 3 years of increasingly responsible port engineering experience in the maritime industry.

- Perform related duties as assigned.
- Perform in the company Spill Management team as assigned.

If you are interested, please visit our website:
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