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Director of Health,Safety, Quality & Environmental

Job ID: 106139
Location: USA Seattle, WA
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Executive
Company: Harley Marine

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Director of Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental (HSQE)

We are a highly safe, environmentally responsible, efficient, and customer service oriented company in the marine services business. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, maintain a good standard of living for our employees, and improve the communities in which we live and operate.

As a result of our strategic focus on safety, environmental protection, and customer service, Harley Marine continues to be one of the fastest growing marine transportation businesses and leading providers of marine transportation services.

Harley Marine Services, Inc. (HMS) is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free work place. HMS companies have established an outstanding reputation for quality. When looking at the success of a company, one cannot help but also acknowledge the employees. When people feel valued, they produce valuable work; when you are committed to them, they will be committed to you. These are the principles used at HMS. HMS is gifted with a wealth of talented individuals who have extensive experience in the field. Their experience and commitment serve as great driving forces to meeting the mission statement.

-Provides leadership, direction and management of the company’s Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental programs.
-Develops, implements, and maintains the company’s quality, safety and environmental policies and procedures in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, regulations and company procedures.
-Responsible for the direct supervision of the Quality and Safety (QS) management teams.
-Directs and monitors compliance with regulatory agencies.
-Provides management oversight for:
• Company health
• Company safety
• Vessel inspections
• Emergency preparedness
-Responsible for initiating and investigating vessel incidents and other safety and environmental issues.
-Manages and administers the Harley Marine Services (HMS) safety and regulatory training programs.
-Monitors the return to work status of lost time employees and keeping stakeholders apprised as necessary.
-Organize and maintain the company’s Incident Command System.
-Participate in the HMS Quality and Oversight Group.
-Oversees the functionality and control of Quality and Safety systems and processes.
-Responsible for the document control process and procedures.
-Schedules and conducts internal/external audits.
-Arranges, coordinates and participates in Quality and Safety Management Review meetings.
-Facilitates and participates in Safety training and meetings.

- Extensive knowledge of the oil transportation and maritime industry.
- Proficient in the English language and possess strong oral and written communication skills.
- Ability to interpret and execute complex oral and written instructions.
- Strong interpersonal skills to establish, maintain and work effectively with all levels of management and employees.
- Maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive communications.
- Ability to work independently with minimal direction and supervision.
- Must be physically fit to board barges and tugs.
- Must possess a valid state drivers' license.
- Must pass a pre-employment drug & alcohol screening.

- Required to board tugs and barges.

- Frequently required to board tugs, barges, and ships, at dock or at anchor at all hours.
- Perform related duties as assigned by the Vice President of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental

-Experience in maintaining tugs and barges a plus.

- Four year college education in maritime or related studies preferred.
- Merchant Mariner's Document/Credential
- TWIC card
- HAZWOPER training.
- First Aid and CPR training.

If you are interested, please visit our website:
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