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Boat Pilot

Job ID: 106065
Location: USA Powhatan Point, Ohio
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Murray Energy Corporation
Contact: Paul B Piccolini
Address: 46226 National Road
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
Phone: 740-338-3334
Fax: 740-338-3406

Job Description
The Ohio Valley Transloading Company, located on the right descending bank of the Ohio River at Mile Post 110.8, is accepting resumes for the position of Boat Pilot. Ideal candidates will be responsible for the loading of all barges in an efficient manner while ensuring the safety of all personnel and equipment. Candidates must be able to communicate clearly and interface with all river and railroad personnel. Candidates must hold a valid USCG license, with a Western Rivers endorsement. Experience on the Ohio river is desired, but not required. Excellent benefits and salary provided.
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