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Marine/Cargo Surveyor

Job ID: 105993
Location: USA Norfolk
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Paradise Point Marine
Contact: David F. Host, Jr.
Address: P. O. Box 3729
Norfolk, VA 23514
Phone: 757-627-6286
Fax: 757-627-2879

Job Description
-Excellent written and verbal skills
-Excellent observation skills
-Excellent interpersonal skills
-Ability to work independently in the field in a marine environment
-Strong ability to multi-task and work with deadlines
-Proficiency in Microsoft Office products,at an intermediate level, especially Excel and Word
-Ability to perform draft, bunker and condition surveys
-Must have valid drivers license and good driving record
-Position requires travel throughout East Coast of USA
-Experience as a Chief Officer, Master, Chief Engineer
-Minimum three(3) years prior Marine Survey Experience
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