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Project Manager

Job ID: 105984
Location: USA Portland, OR
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: US Fab /Vigor Industrial LLC
Contact: Human Resources

Job Description
Project Manager - 47723

Posted: November 27th | Open Until: Filled | Location: Portland, OR
About US Fab

Please apply online at

US Fab is part of the Vigor Industrial family of industrial services. We are an innovative manufacturer based in the Pacific Northwest. From sea-worthy barges to methane gas recycling systems, we use advanced technology and specialized manufacturing to meet our customer’s needs.

(Many of the exciting Seattle opportunities have been created because the Company has been awarded two Washington State Ferry contracts. The anticipated duration is through the end of 2014. As a result, the continuance of this position beyond the referenced projects will be contingent upon future project awards being obtained.)
Job Purpose

This position has full authority and responsibility for project profits and losses and manages all aspects of new construction projects based in Portland. The individual provides primary customer interface throughout the project. Through project team members, manages the application of labor and materials to achieve timely, better-than-bid results and assure customer satisfaction. The role reports to the Vice President US Fab.

(This is not an all inclusive list of the regular job duties. Other responsibilities within the accepted job scope will apply.)

1. Plans, estimates, negotiates, staffs, directs the work, and reconciles final billings on assigned projects. As the top decision maker on the project, resolves any internal issues that arise over the productive, safe management of the project.
2. Meets or exceeds customers’ realistic expectations for quality, productivity and safety on projects, and manages the customer relationship through any changes in the scope and price of the project to assure continuing customer satisfaction and profitable project closure.
3. Resolves issues on a day-to-day basis with customers, owners, Port authorities, and other interested parties. Represents the Company fairly and consistently when interacting with customers.
4. Works closely with the Contracting & Estimating functions to estimate, plan, execute and settle the projects. Provides all necessary documentation for bill settlement and negotiation of change orders in a timely manner. Advises Contracting function of opportunities to increase profits and avoid losses.
5. Interprets specifications, plans project sequencing and coordinates the various phases of the project to prevent delays and avoid rework. Ensures that change order requests are properly written and approved.
6. Writes timely and accurate documentation of each job and contributes accordingly to final written specifications.
7. Confers with supervision and project management staff, and project inspectors and suppliers of materials, to resolve repair problems and to improve repair methods.
8. Plans, coordinates and directs production activities for assigned projects. Through subordinate supervision, assures appropriate daily project staffing. Audits subordinates’ reports and monitors job progress to ensure that manpower utilization and allocation meets job requirements and bid expectation. Makes appropriate changes as necessary.
9. Prepares periodic management reports on work progress, materials used and costs, and adjusts work schedules as indicated by reports. Ensures adherence to the work process.
10. Maintains effective working relationships with craft workers, customers, and contract administrators. Where labor complaints or disputes occur within the project, directly or through managers, supervisors or other resources, assure that issues are resolved efficiently and with minimal disruption to the project.
11. Leads the project team in a post mortem review of each completed project, and assures complete documentation and dissemination of all lessons learned in order to capture best practices and to avoid repeating mistakes. Ensures that lessons learned on own and other projects are captured in the preplanning phase of new projects.
12. Ensures that worker safety and environmental concerns are constantly monitored, and that problems are effectively resolved.
13. Assesses and documents overall work performance of direct reports by close of project, providing feedback to same. Ensures performance documentation by managers or supervisors of all assigned project personnel. Clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses of project team members and recommends specific development activities.
14. Remains technically competent, ensuring personal skills remain current with changes in the field and consistent with Vigor’s productivity improvement initiatives.
15. The Project Manager is actively involved at an operational level in reviewing the relevant costs data, quality and capability for performing work internally versus subcontracting to outside suppliers and vendors. The incumbent is responsible for the decision to make or buy a product or service for the particular project under their direction after thorough analysis of relevant information.
16. The Project Manager plays an active role in managing or providing oversight for the subcontractor and/or vendor performance on the project, including setting expectations for such groups. It is critical to the overall profitability of the project that the Project Manager actively monitors and drives the performance standards of all subcontractors/vendors and holds them accountable.

Please apply online at
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