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Job ID: 105952
Location: Marshall Islands St. Eustatius
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Seabulk Tankers Inc.
Contact: Robert Gordon

Job Description
Position: Tankerman

The following position is for a tug and petroleum barge operation in St. Eustatius. The vessels are flagged Republic of the Marshall Islands and mariners must have either existing license / endorsement for the Marshall Islands or be qualified to get a Marshall Islands license / endorsement. Tug and barge operation is typically from St. Eustatius to St. Maarten, however, some longer voyages are possible. Each position is on a 60 days on / 30 days off rotation, with 1 day of vacation accrued per 10 days worked. Typical contract period is up to one year.

Summary of the position:
The Tankerman is responsible for the safe, efficient, reliable, and environmentally compliant operation on any vessel / barge within the fleet as designated by Vessel Owner (or representative), Seabulk Tanker, Inc. Management, or the Chief Officer/Master on duty.
Responsibilities, Authorities and Accountabilities:
The primary function on the Tankerman is to prepare and maintain the vessel to which they are assigned for safe and complete loading and discharging of oil and other petrochemical products;
The Tankerman must make certain that any and all required documents that must accompany the vessels and cargo are on board and in proper order – including items related to condition and maintenance of onboard equipment as well as transfer documentation, soundings, and product-related information.
The Tankerman must communicate effectively in English with officers and crew as well as with dock personnel and ensure that each person participating in the transfer of the product understands what the product is and how it should be transferred and protected;
The Tankerman must participate in the maintenance/repair of the barges in the fleet - including chipping & painting, repair and maintenance of equipment, as well as assistance with the training of existing and new employees learning the position;
The Tankerman must handle lines and rigging during tow building, locking, and docking activities;
The Tankerman must work a rotating twelve hours on and twelve hours off watch schedule, and occasionally work different hours as required;
The Tankerman must ensure keeping with a travel schedule that allows for reliable planning around the arrival/departure of relief personnel.
The Tankerman must wear the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times while on deck or in an exposed part of the vessel.
The Tankerman must maintain order, neatness, hygiene and adequate living conditions throughout the vessel;
The Tankerman must perform duties assigned by competent authority;

License Requirements
The Tankerman must be able to comply with the applicable flag state and international legislation, environmental regulations, the Company rules and regulations, policy, directives, commercial contracts and accepted Industry Standards;
The Tankerman must have proper licensing, training and endorsements according to the requirements of the flag of the vessel.

apply online direct at

or e-mail resume to:

Robert Gordon
Manager Purchasing
Manager Crewing
Seabulk Tankers Inc. / Phoenix Crew Management LLC
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