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Safety Manager

Job ID: 105940
Location: USA Philadelphia
Salary: $60-$75K per Year
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Rhoads Industries, Inc.
Contact: Rashad Waleed
Address: 1117 Admiral Peary Way
Philadelphia, PA 19112
Phone: 267-728-6378

Job Description
Job Title: Safety Manager

Job Location: Philadelphia, PA

Reports To: Associate General Counsel

The Rhoads’ Safety Manager is responsible for providing planning, resource coordination, and overall management of a comprehensive safety program designed to prevent injuries, accidents, or loss to all personnel or property on Company property or within the Company’s control. Inherent in this authority is the ability, when required, to protect life, limb, and property and to suspend, restrict or terminate unsafe operations.

The responsibilities of the Safety Manager include:

1. Planning, coordinating and conducting safety and health inspections to identify and initiate action to correct industrial hazards throughout all areas of the Company.

2. Apply concerted emphasis on the identification and initiation of action to correct hazards in all work areas.

3. Investigating and initiating or taking corrective action on employee complaints of unsafe working conditions. Instituting procedures to ensure required investigations are conducted and appropriate corrective actions are taken.

4. Preparing documentation sufficient to support actions for potential use in connection with employee follow-up inquiries to the Safety Committee, Senior Managers, the Risk Manager, and the HR Director.

5. Coordinating and maintaining an accident/incident prevention program that includes accident prevention planning, investigation and reporting of accidents and incidents, development of incident statistics, evaluation of trends, determination of causative factors, and recommending corrective and improvement actions as appropriate.

6. Conducting annual inspections of Company workplaces and engaging the assistance of safety services consultants as necessary or appropriate, with the advice and support of the Safety Committee.

7. Establishing and maintaining a coordinated injury abatement program that includes prioritizing and coordinating injury abatement efforts, preparing the budget submissions and justifications for the abatement of safety deficiencies, and monitoring the implementation of actions for proper performance.

8. Reviewing new work processes and facility and equipment plans to ensure adequate safety and health controls have been fully considered and incorporated where appropriate.

9. Remain informed and advise the Company of all federal, state, and local safety requirements related to all OSHA standards – general industry, construction, and maritime.

1. Chair the Rhoads Safety Committee.

2. Continuously monitor, execute, and update the Rhoads OSH Plan.

3. Continuously review and update all Rhoads’ Job Hazard Analyses.

4.. Review and evaluate all Project Work Plans for Safety considerations and requirements.

5. Draft and monitor execution of Site Specific Safety Plans for all Rhoads Facilities and work sites.

6. Advise the Rhoads’ CEO, General Counsel, Risk Manager, Project Executives, Project Managers, and Craft Personnel on all aspects of the Rhoads’ OSH Plan.

7. Coordinate with the Rhoads’ Legal, Safety, and HR Departments in the formulation and execution of a comprehensive training program to support the Rhoads OSH Plan.

1. Must have strong written and oral communication skills, and sufficient OSH and Risk Management experience, certifications and expertise to be able to evaluate, analyze, communicate, and discuss OSH issues effectively with Rhoads’ Senior Management, Rhoads’ safety support personnel, Rhoads’ craft personnel, and Customer Safety representatives.
2. Have a mature ability to lead effectively and work as part of a comprehensive OSH Program team.
3. Possess extensive OSH experience, continuous learning agility, the ability to continuously innovate, and mature problem-solving skills.
4. Have advanced skill in handling multiple responsibilities, setting priorities, and managing tasks. Overseeing multiple safety initiatives simultaneously
5. Have demonstrated skill in working under time pressure.
6. Have significant experience in managing and contributing to a team matrix environment.
7. Demonstrate advanced working knowledge of Safety industry references.
8. Be proficient in computer operation, word processing, and spreadsheet skills.
9. Possess superior organizational skills, be detail-oriented & accurate, and demonstrate advanced analytical skills.

1. Associate’s degree in Arts or Science, or the equivalent amount of on-the-job education or experience.
2. At least 5 years OSH experience in general industry.
3. Ability to interpret job safety requirements, based on bid specifications.
4. Ability to communicate requirements in an industrial environment, and to give effective direction by using written, verbal, or sketching/CAD.
5. Thorough familiarity with and understanding of Federal, State, and Municipal codes related to OSH requirements.
6. Understanding and familiarity with Safety Certifications.
7. Experience in supervision of employees in an industrial environment.
8. Mature Customer Service and Client Communications skills.
9. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, and Power Point.

Must be able to work in a variety of physical positions, including sitting, standing, walking, and driving in an automobile, and may require walking and standing on irregular and uneven surfaces in an industrial setting. The performance of this position involves frequent exposure to construction or industrial areas where the use of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats and hearing protection is required.
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