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Marine Engineer 2

Job ID: 105892
Location: USA Plaquemine/ White Castle Louisiana
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Louisiana Dept of Transportation and Development
Contact: Kevin Reed
Phone: 225-379-1916

Job Description
Marine Engineer 2
Location: USA Plaquemine or White Castle Louisiana
Salary: $2,409.00 - $4,932.00 monthly
Status: Full Time
Job Level: Mid-Career
Company: Louisiana Dept of Transportation and Development
Contact: Kevin Reed
Address: P. O. Box 94245, Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Phone: 225-379-1916
Dept website:
Job Description:
Assumes responsibility, on an assigned shift, for the operation and routine maintenance of engine room and machinery aboard an inspected marine vessel (such as main propulsion diesel engines, main electrical generating plants, hydraulic systems, sanitation systems, pumping systems, electrical and lighting systems).
Maintains required engineering logs and records and makes reports.
Assumes responsibility for safe refueling operations.
May provide functional supervision over Marine Engineer 1 and lower level personnel.
This position is for a shift on LADOTD ferry boat. There are "No Living Quarters on vessel." This position is in Plaquemine, Louisiana or White Castle, Louisiana. Work is a rotating schedule of 8 hour shifts. Conducive to family life, go home every night.
1000 HP DDE USCG Engineers License or higher to qualify.

To apply, visit
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