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Procurement Manager

Job ID: 105860
Location: USA Seattle, WA
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Vigor Industrial LLC/US Fab
Contact: Human Resources
URL: http://

Job Description
Procurement Manager - 41177

Posted: August 10th | Open Until: September 10th | Location: Seattle, WA
About US Fab

US Fab is part of the Vigor Industrial family of industrial services. We are an innovative manufacturer based in the Pacific Northwest. From sea-worthy barges to methane gas recycling systems, we use advanced technology and specialized manufacturing to meet our customer’s needs.

(Many of the exciting Seattle opportunities have been created because the Company has been awarded two Washington State Ferry contracts. The anticipated duration is through the end of 2014. As a result, the continuance of this position beyond the referenced projects will be contingent upon future project awards being obtained.)
Job Purpose

The success of a vessel new construction project is highly dependent on the effective identification, acquisition, and control of project material. This position is responsible for the development, implementation, coordination, and management of the entire procurement process for large vessel construction projects. This position manages the procurement and materials management team, and partners with engineering to define and deliver all materials, meeting quality and schedule requirements.

(This is not an all inclusive list of the regular job duties. Other responsibilities within the accepted job scope will apply.)

1. Assemble team required to accomplish the procurement and management of all project material.
2. Manage the procurement team to effectively and timely meet all project material requirements, in support of project schedules.
3. Develop material procurement and management processes from requirement identification to timely receipt of all material and equipment for manufacturing and construction projects. Must be able to collate multiple information sources to effectively manage all materials involved in the construction of a vessel or other manufacturing project.
4. Develop and manage progress and status reporting necessary to effectively manage all material and equipment acquisition, receipt, inspection, and issue.
5. Ensure supplier compliance with contract requirements for quality, testing, and documentation for material and equipment as required.
6. Participate as a member of the US Fab new construction team and effectively communicate within the team and with customer representatives.
7. Regularly report status, progress, problems, and recommended solutions to program management.

Operates within general parameters of the business unit, but must use sound judgment and independent decision making when carrying out job responsibilities. Has the ability to influence and recommend modifying existing protocols. Has responsibility to create and establish procedures and processes. Budget responsibility for this functional area is up to $15 - $20 million. The programs & projects range up to $120 million in size. The role reports to the Director of New Construction. The incumbent and staff are held accountable for the profitable performance of the work. Failure to meet the requirements of the manufacturing and outfitting teams could result in project delay and increased cost to the company. Failure to meet the requirements of the customer could result in significant loss of future business.

Please apply online at
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