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Hawaiian Tug & Barge - CLASS 2 OPERATOR

Job ID: 101766
Location: Hawaii
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Hawaiian Tug & Barge/ Young Brothers Ltd
Contact: Class 2 Operator Hawaiian Tug & Barge/ Young Broth
Honolulu, HI 96801

Job Description
Class 2 Operator Hawaiian Tug & Barge/ Young Brothers Ltd

PRIMARY PURPOSE:To independently operate harbor tugs in a ship/barge assist capacity properly and safely.
1. Operate harbor tugs (conventional and z-drives) in a ship assist capacity to include the mooring, docking, berthing, shifting of ships and/or barges properly and safely coordinating movements with harbor pilots via a VHF radio
2. Delegate work assignments to crew members
3. Maintain log of job assignments
4. Perform general maintenance on vessel and vessel equipment
5. Perform sanitary work on vessel and boathouse area
1. Conduct safety talks with crew members
2. Supervise crew with deck assignments
3. Perform duties as assigned
Works outdoors in, on, or about tug in wet, humid, noisy, and odorous conditions and is occasionally exposed to exhaust fumes and dust; frequently uses paints, solvents, and thinners

Equipment Use: Operates harbor tugs properly and safely; uses basic hand and hand-held power tools; operates VHF radio and radar

Work hours: Normal shifts are 0000-1200 or 1200-2400, Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday
MENTAL DEMANDS: must be able to complete timesheets for crew members and job assignment log; must be attentive to detail and alert at all times to ensure safety of vessel and crew; must be able to receive and follow instructions and be able to communicate with coworkers, harbor pilots, and supervisory personnel; must be able to read and comprehend directions from manufacturer manuals
1. Sitting: sits to complete timesheets and job assignment log
2. Climbing, balancing: climbs from pier to vessel, vessel to barge, and vice versa; balances while on vessel in various water conditions
3. Stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling: stoops to pick up and place lines and other equipment and machinery
4. Squatting: squats to pick up tools and perform general maintenance
5. Stepping: Steps from pier to vessel, vessel to barge and vice versa safely
6. Standing: stands to operate tug
7. Walking: walks about vessel and pier area to perform duties
8. Reaching: reaches for lines and around equipment when performing maintenance duties
9. Throwing: throws lines to barge or pier
10. Handling: handles wheel when steering tug and when releasing mooring line
11. Eye-hand-foot coordination: coordinates movements when operating tug and performing maintenance duties
12. Vision (corrected, depth, wide field, and color): 20/40 correctable vision in each eye and color sense required to ensure safety of vessel and crew when shifting ships/barges
13. Pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying: up to 50 pounds; pushes on controls to operate tug and tools to remove pieces of equipment; pulls various lines; lifts and carries tools, small equipment, and lines
QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS (Licenses, Degrees, Certificates):
Required to possess a US Coast Guard Master’s License, 200 GRT or Greater (500 ITC) Near Coastal, with Master of Towing Vessels Near Coastal endorsement. Required are current radar observer endorsement and FCC marine radiotelephone operator permit. STCW 95 endorsement preferred. In-house (current) employees, must have completed the (PQS) Personnel Qualification Standards for this position when applying for this vacancy. For external candidates applying for this position, if selected a new employee must complete the (PQS) Personnel Qualification Standards training prior to standing watch on an unsupervised basis, and in all such cases prior to the expiration of the new employee’s 90 day probationary period.

Skills/Knowledge: Must be familiar with and be able to navigate/pilot harbor waters; must have good, proven judgment in operating tugs and in handling equipment and machinery; must be able to communicate with harbor pilots via VHF radio.

Education/Training: High School or GED equivalent required. Must have sufficient verbal, reading, and writing skills as necessitated by the job (i.e., delegating assignments to crew members, receiving instructions from supervisor, reading instructions, writing job assignment log).

Experience: Minimum of 2 years experience and conventional tug experience required; tractor tug experience preferred.

Hawaiian Tug & Barge is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

All APPLICANTS who feels they meet the minimum requirements must apply on line at:
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