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Hawaiian Tug & Barge - Engineer

Job ID: 101765
Location: Hawaii
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Hawaiian Tug & Barge/ Young Brothers Ltd
Contact: Please use URL address below
Honolulu, HI 96801

Job Description
Engineer - Hawaiian Tug & Barge / Young Brothers Ltd

To oversee and maintain independently the proper and safe operation of vessel propulsion equipment and other machinery.
1. Prepares, operates, maintains, and repairs vessel propulsion equipment and other machinery properly and safely.
2. Performs general and preventive maintenance on vessel and vessel equipment.
3. Maintains engineering logs and fuel and lube reports.
1. Receives and discharges fuel oil, lube oil, fresh water, and waste water to and from vessel under the guidelines of regulatory agencies and Company policies.
2. Changes equipment filters and other replaceable parts when necessary.
3. Performs minor repairs to machinery and electrical systems. Performs welding at times.
4. Troubleshoots marine hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems and equipment.
5. Performs general housekeeping and sanitary duties in engineroom.
Works in engine room in hot, wet, humid, noisy, and odorous conditions and is occasionally exposed to paints, solvents, thinners, and fumes.
Equipment use: Must be able to independently operate and maintain vessel propulsion equipment and machinery. Must possess adequate hand tools and experience with power tools to perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs as necessary.
Work hours: Normal work week varies with vessel assignment and schedule - may work up to seven (7) days per week. Normal work hours vary with departure time - normal watches are from 0400-0800 with a 1200 engine check and 1600-2000 with a 2400 engine check.
1. Mathematical ability: Calculates tank calibration, gear ratios, bearing wear, liquid tonnage conversion, piston readings, etc.
2. Attention to detail: Is attentive to detail to ensure safety of crew, vessel(s), cargo, and equipment.
3. Concentration: Concentrates to ensure safety of crew, vessel(s), cargo, and equipment.
4. Alertness: Is alert to ensure safety of crew, vessel(s), cargo, and equipment.
5. Other: Must be able to complete engineering logs and reports. Must have good judgment in operating, maintaining, and repairing equipment, particularly in an emergency situation at sea.
1. Sitting: Sits to complete engineer logs and reports.
2. Climbing/Stepping/Balancing: Climbs/Steps from pier to vessel and vice versa safely. Balances continuously on vessel in various sea and weather conditions.
3. Stooping/Kneeling/Crouching/Crawling/Squatting: Stoops/Kneels/Crouches/Crawls/ Squats to pick up and place tools and machinery and when performing checks, repairs, and general maintenance.
4. Twisting/Reaches: Twists/Reaches around machinery and equipment to perform checks and repairs.
5. Standing/Walking: Stands/Walks while performing engine checks and repairs.
6. Handling/Fingering: Handles/Fingers hand tools, hand-held power tools, and parts.
7. Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination: Coordinates movements to perform engineer and general maintenance duties.
8. Vision (corrected, depth, wide field, color): 20/40 correctable vision in each eye to work with equipment and machinery. Color vision required to distinguish color-coded systems/liquid chemicals.
9. Pushing/Pulling/Lifting/Carrying (up to 50 pounds): Pushes/Pulls on tools to remove parts of equipment. Lifts/Carries tools and equipment.
QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS (licenses, degrees, certificates): Must possess a US Coast Guard engineer's license such as Designated Duty Engineer. Must complete the company’s Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS) for Engineer. Engineer’s license (Designated Duty Engineer 1000 hp minimum). STCW 95 is preferred. Must possess a current drivers license.
Skills/Knowledge: Must have proficient knowledge of marine diesel engines, propulsion equipment, and other machinery. Must be able to read, interpret, and understand manufacturers' equipment manuals, drawings, and blueprints. Must be able to troubleshoot and repair marine hydraulic, electric, and mechanical equipment.
Education/Training: High School or GED is required. Must possess sufficient verbal, reading, writing, and comprehension skills as necessitated by the job (i.e., reading and comprehending manufacturers' equipment manuals, drawings, and blueprints, communicating with crew members and maintenance personnel, maintaining engineering logs and reports).
Experience: Must possess, at least, two (2) years of experience as a member of the engineroom.

Please apply @
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